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5 advantages of slow power supply

The result of this life does not take long to waitStress is accumulating, extra pounds are added. The problem with the figure begins with a person when eating is carried out at a fast pace. But you need to change something in your life.

We feed slowly

Have you ever heard of trafficSlowfood, what does slow food mean? The birthplace of this movement is Italy, and it was born by people who protested the opening of a chain of fast food restaurants. Slowfood is a relative of movement slow beauty. This movement is for those who are tired of a snack on the go and wants to receive from food in addition to calories, and health of the ikrasota.

Do you think that this is very difficult? Yes no. All that is required of you, it is only to bite off small pieces from the usual pieces, slowly chew, while savoring and receiving pleasure from the food. In this case, your meal will look like a normal, and not as a simple set of calories.

It will take very little time and you will realize that you are eating a lot less portions, which is not the only advantage of such a power system. Here are the main advantages of slow food.

Controlled weight

It's no secret that extra pounds appearBecause of the excessive intake of calories in the body, exceeding the necessary need for life and physical activity of the human body. The body, being resourceful, begins to save excess fat. Results immediately become visible on your rounded figure.

Feeding on the go, you do not control thatThe amount of food that is necessary for the body. The brutal hunger forces you to boot up a meal that is much higher than the norm you need.

Eating slowly, you help the bodyAssimilate the calorie already at the time of food intake - the concentration of glucose in the plasma rises in the brain, making an analysis of its level, deciding that the body is full and muffled, you feel the state of satiety, taking less than usual for a third. And this feeling of normal satiety, rather than overflow, from which you can whip.

Excess weight will go down if the norm of your life is slow food.

The pleasure derived from eating

In constant trouble and fuss you, at times,Forget that eating is not a way of getting calories, eating is pleasure and pleasure. Even the most delicious food, if it is not thoroughly chewed, not dastatsam enjoy it to the fullest.

Tranquility, the state of happiness and pleasure contribute to the development of pleasure hormones in the body. Coping with stress and eliminating its consequences is the main role of these hormones in the human body.

Think about and remember which of the dishes isThe most lovable. Remembered? So prepare it, exquisitely cover the table and, postponing all the business for later, take a seat at a cozy meal. Do not hurry, with a savor feel all the ingredients that are included in your culinary work, nuances of color, such as sourness or acuity, sweetness and aroma ...

Admit it, because it is much more pleasant to eat with pleasure. One has only to try and surprise your will not be the end, because the mood improves, and problems, no matter how it happened.

Causing a norm of digestion

We were taught how to chew food as a child. The rule is scientifically justified. With active chewing, the digestive process becomes active, the food is digested much more fully. The work of the intestines is improving, the digestive problem is coming to naught.

With prolonged chewing, more saliva is released and enough to moisten and digest food. Carbohydrates under the action of the amylase enzyme from the saliva are partially cleaved.

Food, if it is thoroughly chewed, muchIt is evenly mixed with gastric juice, becoming more accessible to the enzymes, which means complete and correct digestion. Do not strain strong pancreas and liver.

Feeding in this way, the problem of constipation, which is the result of feeding into a dry-well, is quite solvable. Food, not having time to split, forms stagnation in the digestive system.

Failure of a bad meal

You should eat without hurrying, as slowly as possible. In this case, there will be a desire to eat delicious, healthy and varied, which benefits your health. Every kind of fast food, stuffed with services, dyes, preservatives and stimulants of taste will seem to you not as attractive as the dishes of your own preparation, in which you put your labor.

Delicious and healthy dishes you can alsoLet yourself be pampered and your loved ones in a good restaurant. In expensive restaurants, if you noticed, they never serve large portions. This is due to the fact that the dishes are etizyskany and eat them with pleasure, not hurrying and with relish. However, leaving these restaurants you feel a sense of satiety - this indicates that the food you have taken is balanced and saturated.

To be a self

Our modern life is like a theater in which weSeldom takes a free minute to rest and relax, to be alone with your thoughts, to put them in order, to comprehend your inner world. Of course, it will be very correct to do this, sitting at a beautifully and tastefully set table.

Enjoying the taste of the delicacy,Try to present pleasant moments from your life, mentally struggle with stresses. Vashmozg, enjoying, allocates endorphins, and they, and they come to help the body, so that it was always in the proper form and resisted a negative.

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