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Serotonin for our health

What is the presence or absence of serotonin

Products containing serotonin are present,Literally, in everything that we consume for food. They are proteins, and carbohydrates, and it should be noted that the impact on people who prefer meat or sweets occurs in different ways. People who have a high level of serotonin, for the most part, consume foods that do not contribute to the increase in the level of serotonin, we are talking about meat and other protein foods. Those who have serotonin levels are at the lowest level, carbohydrates and sweets are preferred. If you follow a lean diet for a long time, the person becomes embittered. As the people say: "The lack of fat will lead to the lack of an elementary happiness." The same heavy restructuring of the human body occurs when he abandons his bad habits, alcohol consumption and the use of tobacco products.

To factors that contribute to reducingSerotonoseronin, are all the same proteins and easily digestible carbohydrates, namely, their consumption in excessive quantities, as well as coffee products, alcohol and smoking.

The use of a serotonin diet requires frequentEating food, the presence in the diet of the required number of small-sea and sea fish and other seafood, represented by algae, sea kale, crab, squid and shrimp. This is due to the fact that the listed products have a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3. Do not forget about the presence of food in the diet, oatmeal, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, green salads, asparagus and dried apricots.

It is recommended to completely exclude fromFood ration of any family of canned products, chips, any fried foods, strong alcohol. The last type of products should be consumed in small quantities, in the form of dry, preferably red wines.

To improve the mood and growth of physical andMental workability, as well as for an effective weight loss process, your attention is being offered for additional consumption of trace elements and vitamins, in the form of Selena, Zinc, L-lipoic acid, Biotin, Vanadium, Vitamin E, Chromium, Magnesium. Admission of air solar baths helps to ensure a stable level of serotonin substance in the brain. A fifteen minute stay in the fresh air, on a walk, where you provide your body with a dose of daylight, will contribute to the growth of the serotonin level. In the evening, your body is more predisposed to the sensitive light, so the light emanating from the wax candle is a definite stimulus, creating a pacifying state of the body.

Containing phenylethylamine in chocolate,Possesses stimulating properties that contribute to the restoration of physical idahovnyh forces, raising vitality. In brain cells, the same receptors are irritated, which are also found in the narcotic substance hashish. Consumption of cessation also accompanies the formation of more neurotransmitter serotonin.

The presence of serotonin in coffee causes a certain period of euphoria. The content in bananas of readyphosphorus and serotonin promotes the activation of mental activity.

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