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Prevention of stress

Judge for yourself: if you are going to be dismissed, will you prove to your wife that you are right with your fists? The husband does nothing about the house? Nestanem we run away from such a situation as from a fire or a stronger opponent. In spite of the fact that we have learned to master the situation, nevertheless, in our organization there are a lot of animal mechanisms and when there are troubles at the physiological level, we can not influence them. The result is stress, because of which you do not want to work, yes and life as a whole does not bring joy.

Experts have proved that chronicstress causes the development of such serious diseases as obesity, diabetes, hypertension. And in order to live longer, with as little pain as possible, it is necessary to actively combat stress. How to do it, we'll tell you later.

One of the simplest methods of disposaldistress is green tea. If you do not like it, any black group is good, good, today on the shelves you can find such types of teas, about 3-5 years ago we did not even hear.

You can deal with stress by inventing yourselfA ritual, something like a personal tea ceremony. So, you can buy a nice cute, embroider for him a pair of beautiful towels, choose an interesting cup. During the brewing of a fragrant drink, forbid yourself to think about the troubles of willow, you will see that it becomes easier on the soul.

It is noted that people who havefavorite zazanie, much less likely to suffer from stress. Of course, for some lucky people work turns into a favorite hobby, but the rest will have to think of an interesting activity, during which you will be completely immersed in the process and forget about the troubles that lead to your longing. Avo time for a pleasant task can be immersed in the memories of the brightest and most significant moments of the past, try to plan the future. Think also about what brought you joy, no matter how significant it was in your life. Perhaps you liked to grow indoor flowers, embroider ribbons or draw well? So why is the favorite occupation abandoned?

Increase self-esteem and get rid ofstress and can communicate with like-minded people who share your hobby. Perhaps in your city there are clubs where people who have a similar hobby come. If there is no hot mug, you can easily find people who enjoy the same things as you do on the Internet.

Each of us, who at least once experiencedstress, knows that in this state it is almost impossible to normally concentrate on the performance of a task. Let's try to act against the positive: if you feel that a little more and you will be overwhelmed by a wave of melancholy, which is most often observed under stress, try to be centered. There are also certain exercises that allow you to concentrate in a matter of minutes. One such exercise is the following: you need to go into an empty room, sit on a chair and imagine that there is a void around you. This technique after some training allows you to clear the head of all bad thoughts. You can increase the effect by starting the count from 0 to 10, otherwise you should count slowly, while trying not to think about anything. When the count is over, you need to get up from the chair and stretch. Despite the extreme simplicity of this exercise, it is quite effective.

A powerful antidepressant is sports.Going to the gym, you can easily throw out all the accumulated negative emotions, leave your simulators irritated. In addition, that stress will recede, as a bonus you will get a slender figure and a good self-esteem.

Often people suffering from a serious illness,try to help others. This approach is also effective in the treatment of stress, because helping someone of those who are even less fortunate in life than you are, you are bound to realize that life is beautiful and should be enjoyed.

Physicians and people involved in oriental practices,noticed that you can correct the state of health with the help of special breathing exercises. At the same time it is not necessary to engage in yoga, to study some complicated tricks that help to calm down, enough to learn to breathe at a certain rate: the exhalation length in time should be twice as long as the inspiration time. For example, breathing in, you can count up to 3-4, and exhaling - up to 7-8.

Many people struggle with stress and helpsfavorite domestic animal. In order for you to have a best friend, it is absolutely not necessary to save money for a thoroughbred kitten or a puppy - quite a common pussy, picked up in the yard or given by friends, will be so loving and devoted.

And one more important advice: stress seizing you not only do not get rid of the problems driving you into despondency, but you will also get a pair of three, or even a dozen extra kilograms. Think about whether it is worth it. And if you do not have enough motivation in order to give up the tastes that allow you to cheer up, go to American sites and see how their women look. Only, chur, do not compare yourself with the Hollywood stars who spend months on debilitating diets and for half a day walk out of personal gyms. Look at ordinary women, how they look, constantly eating stress with various sweets and other products that are so fruitless for the body.

If you experience stress, this is notmeans that it is forbidden to fight it with the help of products. It's just a high-calorie meal. But if you dare to contact a dietician, an experienced specialist will be able to develop a menu that will help not only eliminate the effects of stressful situations, but also improve health.

And, of course, the most pleasant method of strugglelove and sex are compression. Are you annoyed by this or that situation? Forget it in the arms of her beloved! The boss spoils the nerves? Mentally send him away and spend at least one day, devoting himself to the other half and see that stress, no matter how it happened.

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