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Nutrition rules for a sedentary lifestyle

Calorie intake, consumed by a person a day,must be calculated on the basis of his lifestyle. So, for example, if you focus on the caloric content intended for a more mobile way of life, but at the same time lead an image completely opposite, there may be a problem associated with excess weight, as well as health. It is worth noting that the food menu for office workers should significantly differ from the menu of people leading a mobile lifestyle.

Principles of Nutrition for Office Staff

Work in the office is characterized, first of all,sedentary, in which muscles telaokazyvayutsya relatively small load. Thus, narushaetsyakrovoobraschenie to form the contents of the stagnation in the intestine, and as a result, it may become the basis for the occurrence of constipation.

More often than not, as the working day goes on, people gohome, but not in the gym. They mostly use transport, but do not walk on foot. And as a result, this way of life leads to the emergence of cellulite, excess weight or obesity, and also there are various problems related to health.

Employees whose activity is guided byintellectual work, physical activity is carried out only by working on the computer, with the help of hands. And in this work, the priority in functioning is the brain, lungs and heart. And as for the rest organs, they, like muscles, are not so active.

For people engaged in mental work, in food there must be a high amount of carbohydrates, and a limited amount of fats will go only to the use of the body itself.

It should be noted that carbohydrates shouldto enter the brain not in a disorderly manner, but smoothly evenly. In the event that you will get carried away carbohydrates light categories, which include all kinds of sweets, glucose sharp jumps will be supplied to the blood. And, of course, in the whole amount of brain the processing of the eene can, from which it follows that part of the glucose will remain in reserve.

Also there are carbohydrates of complex compounds,which are contained in starch, which is contained in cereals. Thus, glucose will be released at a slow pace, which will maintain strength in the body and maintain efficiency. Classical muesli, without all kinds of additives, will be an excellent option for a breakfast, and it can be cereals, nuts and cereals.

The body of people working continuously in officeis not exposed to external factors, such as draft, rain, sharp temperature drop, as they are constantly in heat. Consequently, employees have low immunity. To help strengthen immunity, it is necessary to eat food proteins that will help renew the proteins of the immune system.

But it is important to know that with a sedentary lifestyle,The protein should not enter the body in excessive amounts. After all, because of immobility, the protein, being in the intestine, begins to rot. Therefore, the amount of protein intake should be taken into account. For example, ideally this is about a hundred grams. Excellent products from lean meat, dairy products, or fish dishes. But the proteins contained in plants are much more difficult to assimilate.

As for fats, the preference should beto give fats of vegetable origin, combining them with plant products. For example, for a snack, you can use a salad of fresh vegetables, dressed with olive oil. The energy reserve in the body needs to be created in the morning. Therefore, the breakfast must necessarily eat a sandwich with butter of good quality.

Unwanted foods

There are no specific products that people who use office work have extremely desirable. Such products include all kinds of pizza, crackers, fast food, etc.

Any given food has nothing useful,Its only plus is the taste, which is strengthened due to all sorts of flavors. The main components of these products are fats and light carbohydrates. And minerals and vitamins on the contrary, are contained in small quantities. Dry food is not the best form to cause an effect on the body, because they are digested badly enough to cause constipation.

Also, it is not recommended to regularly drink tea or coffeewith buns, sweets, chocolate. And do not drink coffee or tea without sugar, because even two tablespoons of sugar in your glass can replace a plate of ready-made soup.

The problems often confronted by office staff

The leading problem of employees performing work mainly in a sitting position are constipation. Problems depend not only on the composition of food products, but also on the quality of the activity.

Food should be kept in sufficientamount of food fibers containing whole grains. It can be wheat, oatmeal, buckwheat, as well as fiber, contained in various fruits. Thus, any snack should be vegetables and fruits, but not buns. An excellent way out of the situation will be a snack with apples, tangerines, plums or fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.

It is also worth noting that the main reasonconstipation is a lack of liquid, therefore, it is important to consume it in large quantities. Here we mean a simple water, not tea or coffee. Tea contains a component such as tannin, which only strengthens the chair. And caffeine, in turn, has the ability to remove the liquid from the body and thus constipation is only aggravated. Water, for more efficient use, can be diluted with natural juices, but without the sugar content. Also, simple water can be replaced with mineral water.

What is better to cook at home?

Another problem that the officeemployees, this is the lack of a proper full-fledged lunch. And as a result, when they come home, they try to make up for the lack of home food, eating out under the full program.

You can exit the similar situation in this case,if you free up your time during the dinner, and have a good dinner. Going home, you can have a snack with fruit, vegetables and unsweetened natural yogurt that will beat off a violent appetite, which develops on the way home. Thus, you can not eat too much at home for supper.

And dinner, in its turn should be easy, notcontaining fats and high-carbohydrate components. Also, remember that dinner should not be late. With a large desire to have a snack before going to bed, you can drink kefir or tea on the herbs.

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