/ How to reduce calorie content?

How to reduce calorie content?

Therefore, the surest way to lose weight is to reduce the calories of ready meals, by changing the method of cooking them or adjusting the dish.

How should this be done?

Caloric content of dishes can be reduced, without changing their taste and love. You can lose weight by continuing to consume your favorite food.

The first thing you can do is replace your favoriteDairy products with low calorie products. For example, instead of fatty pork and lamb, you can use lean turkey, chicken or lamb. During cooking, the skin and fat must be cut. Low-calorie products are obtained when cooking in a double boiler.

Milk can drink a half-percent, and yogurt,Yogurt and garlic take with zero fat content. With regard to taste, so they do not change much, the lower-calorie is reduced noticeably. Meat is not only necessary to post, but also in small quantities. For one snack, a piece of meat the size of the floor of your palm will suffice, this is approximately eighty to one hundred grams.

By reducing the amount of food eaten, the daily caloric content decreases.

Neutralization of calories

An important point in nutrition - to know with whichThe blood glucose level rises after a meal. Glucose forms fats and gives energy for the next day. On products is designated as a glycemic index (GI).

Food with a high glycemic indexDigested very quickly and in the shortest time increases the level of glucose. The organism begins to store it. After that, the glucose level also falls rapidly. By cutting down glucose, a person begins to feel that he wants to eat. That's why we overeat.

Of course, you can eat sweet food withHigh content of GI, though in this case, caloric content will have to be neutralized. As many nutritionists say, dishes with excess fat of the needleicemic index can be replaced with vegetables and fiber, which is in them. Due to the fact that the fruits are low-calorie and contain a large volume of fiber, they fill the stomach and intestines, inhibiting the absorption of carbohydrates to the blood of the human body. As a result, saturation becomes longer and the amount of daily calories is reduced.

First of all, food should be consumedAlternately with fruits. The more a calorie dish, the more fruits you have to eat to neutralize part of the fat. If the dish has a few calories, then the ratio of its fruits should be one to two. If the calories are many - one to three.

The more fiber in the fruit, the more intense they will be with the fats.

How to reduce the glycemic index?

Another rule is to reduce the glycemic index(GI) of the food intake. If in the morning you can afford sweets or pastries with a high GI, while not forgetting about the fruit, then for lunch eat foods with low GI. These include cereals and vegetables. For dinner, it is better not to eat calories at all. Instead, you can eat lean meat, cottage cheese or drink kefir with low fat.

Do not waste time talking withTable GI. Instead, remember the following information. The highest number of GIs has a sugar and all its derivatives. These include cakes, sweets, white bread. The croup is GIzametno lower. Fruits are on the first place at the lowest content of the glycemic index.

It should be noted that the more processing the product was exposed to, the greater its absorbability and GI.

The main thing is the combination

The combination of foods in eaten dishes is an importantProcess, so you should pay special attention to this. Do not eat meat with pasta or potato products. This combination contains a huge number of calories.

This garnrpravilnee most substitute for vegetableGarnish, baked, stewed or marinated. The main thing is without potatoes. Such food will be no less saturated, but you will not add extra pounds. Rice or other high-calorie foods are also excellent with different vegetables.

Three simple recipes for calorie reduction

Use different sauces

Many sauces add to your favorite dishesA significant number of calories. Cream, sour cream, are the leaders in this field. Ketchup is an exception, because in its composition, a thickener is used as a thickener. They are all very tasty, but contain a lot of fat and excess calories.

In very moderate quantities, it is necessary to use vegetable oil. Fill salads with apple cider vinegar or unsweetened non-fat yoghurt. And tasty, and for the body is useful.

Watch what you drink

A lot of calories are contained in alcohol, tea and coffee, which you will love to drink.

Drink coffee or tea in tar, give upSahara. Either drink sweet tea in the mornings, when pancakes begin vital activity. From sweet carbonated beverages, it's better to give up, as they bring considerable harm to health.

Alcohol is better to drink moderately, as it causes appetite, and this is again overeating and, accordingly, an extra supply of fat. Kvass is not insecure in calorie content.

Tell no intermediate products

Meatballs and cutlets from the supermarket are foods with high calorie content, because they often add bread and cheap fats. Pancakes and pelmeni have high caloric content due to flour and dough.

If you really want a cutlet - buy in the store of meat, make a french and cook cutlets at home.

It is better to refuse all kinds of advertised yoghurts, as they contain a whole complex of calories. That's what is contained in the celibacy. And you can hardly eat one bottle.

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