/ How to get rid of a jam on your lips?

How to get rid of jam on your lips?

Zaeda is called a small crack, formed incorner of the mouth, at the junction of the upper and lower lips. This disease, of course, is not serious, but it also does not bear anything pleasant, either in terms of sensations or in terms of aesthetics. The reason for the occurrence of seizure may be an allergic reaction or an avitaminosis.

This disease most often occurs asside effects of effective diseases. The mechanism of occurrence is the following: the organism that suffers from illness is weakened, its protective functions also become less effective, on the background of this microbes and microorganisms that are present in the human mouth begin to appear as inflammations in the corner of the mouth.

Zaeda can arise as an adult,so and the baby. The disease begins in mild form, at this stage in order to prevent the development of the disease, it is sufficient to ensure that the affected area is not weather-beaten, especially in the cold season. To soften the damaged area at an early stage of the disease, and to prevent further cracking, it is enough to lubricate it with petroleum jelly or hygienic lipstick.

A variety of sneeze (bacterial, fungal)

To determine the cause of the seizure, you canappearance. Perhaps several variants of the development of events first - this is if the ulcer is covered with a purulent-bloody crust, then the cause of its emergence and further development of the bacteria are bacteria (streptococci or staphylococci). The second is if the ulcer is a bright red glossy wound with a light coating, in which case the cause of its appearance are fungi.

In the event of a seizure, the first thing that followsdo itsee it, in order to identify the cause that influenced its occurrence, fungi or bacteria. This is necessary in order to choose the right method of treatment.

If it turns out that the mating is fungalnature, for the treatment it will be necessary to use ointments such as nystatin or levorin, if the beet is a bacterial type for its treatment, it is necessary to use ointments containing antibiotics, such as methyluracil or levomycolic.

Treatment of seizures

It should be borne in mind that in order to get rid of seizures, a complex treatment is needed, which can last from one to several weeks.

The essence of complex treatment is,so that during the day after eating, lubricate the wound with substances that have drying and burning properties, for example, greenery. And for half an hour before a meal and an hour before, how to go to bed lubricate the wound with ointment, suitable for treating a certain type of bacterial or fungal infection.

For the treatment of this disease, veryEffective also means of traditional medicine, such as rinses and lotions. Rinsing the mouth helps to rid the microbes and bacteria. At the time of rinse, a tincture of dried oak root is used, tincture is made in the ratio of 1 teaspoon of bark to 400 ml of boiled water, the solution is infused for 8 hours. Also an effective means for rinsing is infusion from the roots of calamus.

As a bactericidal-cauterizing agent withuse tea tree oil, which can be purchased at pharmacies. It should be noted that the use of tea tree oil should be strictly in accordance with the instructions attached to it. Also as a drying agent, you can use the oil of St. John's wort and a freshly cut aloe leaf.

In the event that I can cure myself on my ownis not possible within 7-10 days or if the treatment gives only a temporary effect, after which the seizure reappears, you should consult a doctor. The fact is that, as already mentioned above, this disease is only a side effect of other disorders in the body, which are most often related to the gastrointestinal tract, which only a doctor can determine, by examinations and test results.

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