/ How to get rid of the fear of death

How to get rid of the fear of death

Talk to someone about their own fears

You are much better off when you tellSomeone who is sweaty or otherwise can fully trust, about his problem. Perhaps, together with him you will be able to figure out what exactly frightens you and how to deal with it. This method is also good because, when viewed from the side, an obvious and simple solution may come that could not be found by the person himself.

Do not Worry Before Time

Death comes for everyone, but do notWorry before the time. Try to understand that death is part of the natural course of things. The Bible tells us that there are enough worries in the present day, so it's not worth worrying about tomorrow either. And we often think not about what is happening around us at the moment and not even about what will happen tomorrow-our thoughts usually hang very, very far, which can not be called a good habit.

Courageous and brave people usually do not think aboutDeath, even if it is known that they are sick with an incurable or severe disease. In such cases, the people try to turn their attention to ways to survive, even if their chances are worthless. And what is interesting, very often such people still recover, and more often than those who suffer from lighter diseases, but are pessimistic and believe that they will inevitably die. So do not suffer, fearing death, the moment you are still alive.

Revise your life values

Remember about this point of view - that everything earthly,To which your body also touches, will disappear when you die. So do not give too much attention to your body, pay attention to the immaterial plane. Think about your current lifestyle, where you spend your energy and energy. It's your limited and precious resources, so use them on the edge carefully. Treat people compassionately, be patient, try to help them as much as possible.

Live life to the fullest

Do not waste your life onWorry about anything, even death. Is it not better to try to fill the life with happiness and joy, which you can not break under the weight of various problems and troubles that life brings to you. Often spend time with your loved ones and friends, go in the nature, go to various events, discover new activities, learn about your hidden talents.

Be optimistic

According to some studies, optimisticAdjusted people usually live longer, and also suffer less from cardiovascular diseases, which are among the most common diseases of our world. Therefore, try to look at the world from an optimistic point of view - especially since it helps to push death away!

Think of death as a natural continuation of life

Try to realize that life is subordinated to one's ownCycles, and for birth and life in a mandatory order follows death. Each of us takes its place in these cycles, and in their time, too, we will have to die in order to make room for the next generations.

Do not think that after death you will go into oblivion

Dear people do not disappear from this world at all.Completely - while you remember them, they are to some extent still alive, in your hearts, in your memory. But leave the dead - the dead and try to give your loved ones love and warmth, take care of the still living.

Also one of the means to get rid of thisPhobia can be called an appeal for help to religion - they all claim that after death we fall into some place where we will always be happy. Maybe it is so?

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