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Persimmon: a tart healer guarding your health

Her homeland is China, and, judging by the poeticComparisons and beautiful names, this plant has always been especially revered in the East, not only because of tasty fruits, but also because the properties of persimmons have allowed it to be used for the treatment of many diseases for a long time to the present. Even the great Ibn Sina (Avicenna) recommended using the fruits of persimmons as a means to maintain the strength of depleted patients. Today, the therapeutic properties of persimmons are not in doubt in anyone - it is used in folk medicine for anemia and anemia, hypertension and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The spectrum of diseases that helps to alleviate or prevent this solar plant is very wide - persimmon properties allow it to be used also for getting rid of kidney stones, with lung disease and in connection with the prevention of cancer.

Tonic and diuretic properties of persimmonsUsed by people since ancient times. And although they did not know anything about calories then, it was noticed that people who consume persimmon fruits, are distinguished by increased endurance and capacity for work (both mental and physical). Attracted attention is also the property of persimmon to give people longevity, because among those who lived to an advanced age, there were many people who regularly regaled themselves "food of the gods."

However, in order to improve health, it is better not to useFruits themselves, and persimmon leaves, because the substances contained in them will allow you to gently cleanse the body, which, of course, will positively affect your health. In fact, everything is very simple - persimmon leaves are rich in fiber, which removes, like a broom, all unnecessary and unnecessary - slags, fecal and other harmful masses accumulated in the intestines. That is why persimmon leaves can be used in collections that have a positive effect on weight reduction. Scientists believe that along with feces from the body persimmon leaves remove excess fat deposits.

Confirm by experience your point of view onThe role played by persimmon leaves in the fight against excess weight, took the scientists of China. Long ago, the Chinese people used such properties of persimmon for health as its positive effects in atherosclerosis, stroke and constipation, widely using medicinal plants, and in particular persimmon leaves in medicine and the food industry. However, the question of how persimmon leaves affect the fat level and the metabolism of a living organism remains open.

The experiment was carried out on laboratory rats,One part of which was fed with a normal fodder with a normal fat content, the second - with food with its high content, and the third group, against the background of eating fatty foods, added persimmon leaves to the ration. These studies made it possible to confirm such properties of persimmon as the ability to purify the body, remove toxins and accelerate metabolism, because a group of animals that received persimmon leaves as an additive to the diet, did not gain weight despite the eating of excessively high-calorie foods. Some may argue that the object of the study were still animals, but the beneficial properties of persimmons when influencing a living organism can not be denied. Persimmon leaves contain almost all microelements and vitamins necessary for our body. Such properties of persimmons allow us to offer a fairly simple method of improving the body - using persimmon leaves in the form of tea, you can fight a variety of diseases and prevent their appearance.
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