/ Influence of bad habits on offspring

Influence of bad habits on offspring

What effect does smoking have on the offspring?

According to statistics, women smokers are much higherThe probability of spontaneous miscarriage or the birth of a dead baby than that of non-smokers. Nicotine easily penetrates the placenta, which can cause the development of "tobacco syndrome" in the fetus. It is proved that daily smoking suppresses the respiratory movement of the embryo. This contributes to a violation of the proper maturation of the fetal respiratory system.

Nicotine can cause a spasm of the uterine arteries,Which provide a child's place and the fruit itself with vital products. As a result, the blood flow in the placenta is broken, placental insufficiency develops, the fetus itself does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients. Quite often in women who smoke women, babies are born with signs of hypotrophy (intrauterine growth retardation).

In addition, it has been proven that nicotine affectsDevelopment of children (mental and physical). The child is often sick, has low weight, poorly develops psycho-emotional. Especially kiddies of smoking mothers are susceptible to infections of various kinds, penetrating the respiratory tract. Such children are 6 times more sick with pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma in the first year of life than children who do not smoke moms.

The smoking mum grows insufficiencyHormonal endocrine glands - this is compensated by the endocrine system of the fetus. As a result, the formation of bones is slowed in the fetus, and protein synthesis also suffers. Hormonal imbalance of parents to the offspring is inherited.

Also affects passive smoking in the mother and fetus (stay pregnant in a smoked room). This can cause fetal oxygen starvation, albeit to a lesser extent.

What effect does the offspring have on alcohol

Even greater impact on the offspring has such a harmful habit as the use of alcohol.

Alcohol penetrates rather quickly through the placentaTo the fetus, which causes great harm to his body. Alcohol penetrates through the cellular barriers that surround the sex cells and reduces the process of their maturation. As a consequence, the genetic apparatus (the structure of the sex cells) is damaged, which causes the offspring to be born with various developmental defects. Influence on the offspring of alcohol often becomes the cause of miscarriages, premature birth, stillbirth. In addition, the mental and physical development of children is disrupted, and this is a fairly common phenomenon. Also, the effect of alcohol contributes to the violation in the offspring of the vascular system, brain, liver, glands of internal secretion. As a consequence, multiple fetal deformities develop, sometimes even incompatible with life. From the effects of alcohol, first of all, the fetus suffers from the brain, it is those structures that are responsible for mental activity. Many children born from a drinking mother have craniofacial defects. This microcephaly (reduced head shape), low forehead, strabismus, narrow eye cracks, a short snub nose, a large mouth, an underdeveloped jaw. These signs are accompanied by malformations of the genital organs, irregular shape of the breast, incorrect bite of the teeth,

What effect does the offspring have on the effect of drugs

In babies born from parents who useNarcotic substances, often there are problems with health. This can be a problem for the baby with a liver, stomach, respiratory system, heart. Many cases of paralysis in children, mostly of the legs, have been reported. The baby is disturbed by brain activity, and as a result, psychosis, memory impairment, various degrees of dementia, etc., appear. Newborn children of drug addicts very often scream, they do not tolerate sharp sounds, bright light, suffer from the slightest touch.

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