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Women's health after 40 years

However, even if a woman feels25 years old, you should always remember that sooner or later the age will make itself felt. You need to pay attention to the features of physiology in this period, the methods of caring for your health. It is recommended to enrich your diet with saturated vitamins and reduce the intake of foods high in fat. All this will help to cope more easily with the manifestations of menopause, the time of which will come in the period of 45-50 years.

There are many useful tips forProlonging the health of a 40-year-old woman, given by doctors, psychologists, nutritionists. Remember that a beautiful healthy kind of woman is a well-coordinated work of the normal physiological processes of the body, as well as peace and harmony in family and personal life.

Do not overeat. The food should be balanced. Pay attention to the calorie content of food and food. The optimal use is 1500 kilocalories per day. An important feature of nutrition at the age of forty is enriching the diet with products containing beta-carotene. In this regard, it is recommended to consume more carrots, liver and nuts.

Psychologists are advised to receive as much as possiblePleasures of life. It is useful to make love at least 2 times a week. Endorphin, produced during sex, strengthens the immune system and is a hormone of happiness that improves mood.

Do not forget about sports. Daily exercises of charging for half an hour a day contribute to the production of growth hormone and prolong life, improve well-being, raise vitality. That the figure was slender, it is recommended to go in for sports on a regular basis, choosing its easy kinds. You can choose the exercises for your own good mood and tone maintenance.

It is recommended that you ensure that during the sleep, the air temperature in the room is comfortable. Optimum are 17-180C. This temperature has the best effect on metabolic processes.

Psychologists do not recommend overly restrictingYourself and lead an ideally right lifestyle. Do not deny yourself a small piece of chocolate, if you really want. Do not skimp on everything, make gifts, buy new things to give your appearance bright colors.

It is also not recommended to suppress in oneselfNegative emotions. It is better to share problems and tell us about irritating factors to your loved one or talk to a psychologist at a reception. It is well known that anger, negative, negative emotions can provoke the development of diseases, including malignant tumors.

It is recommended to engage in mental work,forcing your brain to work actively. For example, you can solve crosswords and puzzles, learn foreign languages ​​and so on. All these actions slow down the processes of degradation in the brain, stimulate the work of the heart and blood circulation.

Cosmetologists also pay attention tofeatures of women's health at the age of 40 years. During this period, the type of skin changes, it loses its elasticity. Over time, pigmentation spots, warts, and papillomas appear on the skin. It is recommended to be observed at the cosmetician, in time to react to age-related changes, to choose the necessary cosmetics correctly. This will give an opportunity to prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

Periodically visit the doctor. Timely recourse to qualified medical care will help to avoid the severe consequences of chronic diseases that may worsen during this period.

The mental and physical health of a woman over 40 should be at the highest level. Proper care for yourself and your health is the guarantee of an impeccable appearance at this age.

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