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Prevention of influenza in pregnant women

Vaccination as a method of preventing influenza in expectant mothers

Prevention of influenza should begin withThe moment a woman learned about pregnancy. In the case of a planned pregnancy, it is recommended to get a flu shot before the planned conception for 10 days. Pregnant women, in spite of common misconceptions, vaccination against influenza can also be vaccinated. After all, only the live vaccines are contraindicated to future mothers. If the vaccination has not been carried out, or if its actions have ended, it is recommended that the pregnant woman be vaccinated in the second half of pregnancy. Children under six months are susceptible to complications of influenza, and vaccination at this age is not done because of weak immunity. If the pregnant woman was vaccinated against the flu in the second half of pregnancy, the protective antibodies will necessarily fall into the blood of the child and after birth it will be protected from the influenza virus.

Other methods of preventing influenza in pregnant women

An important method of preventing viral diseases inPregnant women is the right diet, which contains many vitamins and other beneficial substances that enhance immunity. Eat more vegetable and fruit dishes, especially dishes rich in vitamin C - it is most active in combating viruses. Also do not forget about garlic and onions.

It is not recommended that pregnant women take caffeine. Caffeine is not very useful for pregnant women, but it is doubly harmful during the flu epidemic. Effective for the prevention of influenza during pregnancy, herbal decoctions (on the advice of a doctor), compotes, citrus juices, green tea.

Regularly ventilate the room, as inA large number of viruses accumulate in the heat. Ventilate should be at least 4 times a day, but just avoid drafts, for future mothers they are dangerous. Also regularly spend in the house wet cleaning. If the weather allows and the pregnant women feel fine, it is recommended to be more outdoors.

Prevention of influenza during pregnancyIncludes hygiene. Wash your hands as often as possible with soap, wipe your face, touch your face less (eyes, nose, mouth). Rinse your nose with saline (sea salt). It perfectly cleanses the nasal passages, kills a large number of bacteria, helps to avoid an allergic rhinitis.

Pregnant women are advised to useGauze bandages. They should be changed regularly. After all, the flu virus, especially during the epidemic, can be "picked up" anywhere (on a walk, in a store, a polyclinic, at home (from relatives)).

Pregnant women should avoid placesCongestion of people. Attend public places only if necessary. When leaving home use oxolin ointment, it also protects the mucosa of the respiratory tract from viruses. This ointment is lubricated by the nasal mucosa. In addition, it is desirable for future mothers to avoid close contact (handshakes, kisses, embraces) with people who suffer from any ailments. Also for the prevention of influenza it is recommended to keep your feet warm, do not overcool.

A prophylactic against influenza whenPregnancy is the intake of vitamins. Pregnant women are simply necessary because of weakened immunity. But vitamins, which will suit a woman, must necessarily prescribe a specialist individually, taking into account the course of pregnancy.

If there are no contraindications, then pregnant women, likeMethod of preventing influenza, is perfect for hardening. Do not pour too cold water. A good method of hardening during pregnancy is a contrast shower. Do not forget about the physical exercises, which increase blood circulation, strengthens the immune system.

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