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Pilates exercises for pregnant women

Pilates exercises designed for pregnant women

It is necessary to know that in order to achieve the desiredThe result is not recommended to be lazy and to "later" postpone the exercises (if only you feel good). All exercises for pregnant women should be performed slowly, without sudden movements. During their implementation, it is necessary to concentrate on breathing.

Exercise "cat" takes a goodPregnant stress, especially in the lumbar region. The most important thing is to perform the technique correctly. When doing this exercise, the main thing is to try not to clamp the press, but, on the contrary, to relax it.

The starting position is on all fours. Brushes should be placed under the shoulder joints, but not strictly, but slightly leading them forward. Elbows need to be slightly bent. Knees should be placed on the width of the pelvis or slightly narrower, and keep the waist in the neutral position.

On inhalation, take the shoulder blades to the sides, therebyStretching the thoracic region of the spine. Hips forward and round the lower back. Then you need to return to the starting position, while a little bend, not in the lower back, but in the thoracic region. Exercise is recommended to be performed 8-10 times.

The following exercise is designed to stretchLateral intercostal muscles and chest area. The purpose of this exercise is to stretch the muscles that are clamped in pregnant women as the fetus grows, delivering discomfort to the future mother.

Starting position - lie on your side, and bend your legsIn the knees approximately at an angle of 90 degrees, as if sitting on a chair. Pull out your hands in front of you, and palms one on one. It is necessary to raise one hand up, to get it behind your back. At the same time the blade should touch the floor. Then turn over to the other side and repeat the exercise. This exercise for pregnant women to repeat preferably 8-10 times. The number of exercises can be reduced - it depends on the period of pregnancy and well-being. If the duration of pregnancy is large, you can put a pillow under your stomach.

Pilates for pregnant women includes exercises for relaxation of the waist, stretching of the intercostal muscles and sacrum. Consider an exercise that can even affect the shoulder blades.

The starting position is the same as in the exercise"Cat", but the knees should be put together. Stand on all fours, put your hands on the floor. The palms should be moved slightly to the side. Taz lower on the floor, closer to the hands, while the thigh should parallelly lie down to the palms. After do this exercise on the other side. The number of repetitions of the exercise is 8 times. It is necessary to watch that elbows were straight, and both sides were stretched evenly.

Pilates for pregnant women includes an exerciseWith a fitball (a large and resilient ball). The purpose of the next exercise is to remove from the back the load and massage the pelvic floor, so that the ligaments and muscles, which at the right time form the birth canal, become more elastic, relaxed. This exercise promotes proper placement of the fetus in the abdomen.

The starting position is sitting on the fitball horseback. The knees should be necessarily below the level of the pelvis. You need to keep your back straight. Do the pelvis in a circular motion clockwise. First go to the left, go back, after to the right. The number of circles in each direction is also 8-10 times.

Pilates exercises designed for pregnant women,Be sure to help you prepare for childbirth if you perform them regularly and correctly, but do not engage in pilates if there are contraindications.

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