/ How to use vaginal balls?

How to use vaginal balls?

How to choose vaginal balls?

These are 2 or 3 balls that are connected togetherThread, its diameter should be from 2 cm. Being in the vagina, the balls stimulate the muscles, increase the blood flow, thereby train the intimate muscles and make the vagina narrow. If such training is carried out regularly, the woman will enhance her sexual feelings during intimacy and pleasantly impress the partner with her new skills.

Vaginal balls are of different size and shape(Asterisks, hearts, oval, round and so on). Different textures (ribbed, with pimples, smooth), can be made of different materials (latex, plastic, cyber-skin and others). For beginners, the balls are not smooth and large. These balls will be easier to keep in the vagina. And then, in time, you can go to the heavy, smooth, small balls that will be difficult enough to keep the muscles of the vagina.

How to use it correctly?

  • It should be remembered that there are rules of hygiene andDo not use the same balls with a girlfriend. Before use, they should be washed properly or applied to them with an antiseptic gel. Then lubricate the vaginal balls with a lubricant so that during exercise they do not cause uncomfortable sensations. Then, in a reclining or lying position, insert the balls into the vagina. Slightly intimate lubrication is applied to the clitoris, labia.
  • Enter the balls carefully and one at a time, the thread forStretches of balls leaving outside. If you get a feeling of discomfort and pain when you inject the balls, you need to stop injecting the balls, you probably picked the wrong size, you need to start small.
  • When the balls are introduced, take a few breaths and breathe, try to normalize the breathing, stand up and force the muscles to keep the balls inside.
  • Become in a vertical position and beginTraining. Exercise should be done regularly, except for days when menstruation is coming, gradually increase the time to 15 minutes. In the future, the main role will play not the length of time, but the very desire of women.

First you need to learn how to hold the ballsInside. To do this, "close" the exit balls, a muscle, which you can stop urinating. For the first time this will be enough. The next stage of training - in turn relax and strain muscles. Let us repeat once again that balls are laid down while exercises are made standing. It is difficult to exercise when you need to walk with balls inside. You have to start walking around the house, and then you can go out with them to the street.

In using vaginal balls toTraining needs regularity. These exercises need to be done for ten minutes, but daily, than done by the hour, but once a week. The main thing is not to overdo it, everything has its time.
When you hold the balls will not be difficult, you need to walk with them, rearrange your legs, as the top models walk along one line.
You can do sitting exercises and take turns lifting your legs together. Balls during these exercises roll and provide training.

Vaginal balls for exercises

There is no complex, they depend on your desires.

Holding the balls

  • Keep the balls inside you, start better with 1 minute, but the maximum is not limited. If it seems to you that this is not enough, replace them with complex balls or hang a weight to the string.
  • Move the balls along the vagina up and down. You will not succeed immediately, but in time you will learn this exercise.
  • Try to release the balls on one of the vagina, push them out.
  • Pull the string, trying to get the balls out of the vagina, and try to resist with the muscles and do not let them out.
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