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Prevention of acute respiratory infections in pregnancy

Experts argue that viral infections,Especially if they affect the body of a pregnant woman at an early stage (for up to ten to twelve weeks)? Can be very dangerous for the child. Care must be taken to avoid this, because it is forbidden to make flu vaccines for pregnant women. Therefore, it is worth to take up the prevention of these diseases.

Prevention of acute respiratory infections is divided into two types - specific and nonspecific.

The first type of vaccines include influenza(Because there is no vaccine against ARVI). Of course, at the moment there are variants of vaccines that can be used even during pregnancy, but it is still not recommended to do so. Immunity of the body at such a moment is already weakened, because of what it can not develop a full response to the inoculation. It is best to use the vaccine two months before the beginning of pregnancy, if it is planned - approximately this time is necessary for the formation of good immunity.

Nonspecific prevention of viral infectionsAt pregnancy should begin even before pregnancy with treatment of any chronic diseases of a mouth and a nasopharynx. You should know that sick tonsils are the weak point of the body through which the infection can penetrate. That is why before pregnancy should be processed all available foci of infection. In some cases, a course of physiotherapy is suitable for this, in some - a course of antibiotics. The decision which specifically will be used is taken by the ENT doctor. It is also recommended to drink a drug such as Derinat, which stimulates the synthesis in the body of beta and alpha interferons, which help a person when getting into the body of pathogens and viruses.

As a part of nonspecific prevention of ARVIIncludes the use of multivitamins that help strengthen the body, walk on fresh air (but it's worth keeping an eye on not overcooling), frequent airing of the living quarters, avoidance of places of congestion of a large number of people.

An effective method of nonspecific prophylaxisIs the intake of various vitamins, especially vitamin C. This vitamin is found in large quantities in cranberries, citrus, cabbage, especially sauerkraut, cranberries, onions and other fruits and vegetables.

If someone from a close environment is sick, thenShould try to isolate him from the pregnant. Both of them should wear protective masks, and the patient must take the above drug-immunomodulator Derinat. If family members take the drug in advance, when the epidemic of the disease is only on the way, then most likely, the disease can be completely avoided. If it was not possible to avoid the disease, and someone from the family picked up the infection, the drug will help reduce the time of the disease, reduce its severity and avoid further complications. The drug is suitable for children and adults, it is easily tolerated, has no side effects and does not accumulate in the body.

Before you start taking this tool,You should read the instructions and consult a doctor. During an epidemic of ARVI for greater safety, you should lubricate the nasal mucosa with oxolin ointment or Viferon ointment.

If one of your household members picked upInfection, you should put in his room a few cloves of chopped garlic or onions - the phytoncids that are contained in them, will help protect your house from the disease. To decontaminate the air in the house, you can use aromatic oils, such as fir oil, tea tree oil, orange and eucalyptus oil. Do not overdo it, follow the dosage according to the instructions.

It is also very important for the prevention of acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory infectionsTo ensure that the room in which the pregnant woman will sleep, or even better - all the rooms in the house, are regularly ventilated, and it is necessary to monitor this at any time of the year.

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