/ How to calm your nerves in 1 minute

How to calm your nerves in 1 minute

Professionals in similar casesI advise you to use only a few simple but very effective exercises that can get rid of nervous tension in about a minute. They should be known to each and every one, because with the current rhythm of life, a simple disorder can very easily develop into stress.

So, the first method can be designated asVisualization. To calm the shattered nerves, it is enough to imagine a certain image, and better if it contains a combination of white and water. As a result of long research, the scientists came to the conclusion that it is the given combination that is optimal in such a situation. The essence of this method is based on the fact that due to our vision we receive the bulk of information about the world around us. Therefore, the perception of visual images is easier for our brain.

So, to quickly calm the nervesSit down, close your eyes, try to relax, restore quick breathing, and imagine an image with white water in your mind. For greater effect, try to complement the visual image of the feeling that cool water touches one by one in your face, face, shoulders, chest, legs. Imagine the pleasure of touching the leads to your body and enjoy it for 30 seconds.

Then try to "see" all this waterFlow flows from you, leaving in the ground or in the floor in the form of a funnel. In this image, the funnel is very important, because It is she who absorbs all your negative emotions. Then, with a deep sigh, open your eyes. You will feel easy and calm, if the unpleasant emotions remain to some extent, they will definitely go to the second plan.

The second exercise is better done in the bathroom,Having previously removed a scarf, a scarf or necktie from the neck, if any. Then try to relax, hold your hands under a stream of cool water, slowly touch with a cool moist hand to the neck, first one, in a few seconds with both. Start slowly rubbing your hands with your neck, then gradually go over your shoulders. At first, your touch should be light and gentle, then the force of pressing should gradually increase, reaching its maximum of seconds through forty, after this small massage. Then, also gradually the force of pressing fingers will be reduced to a minimum. After doing all of the above, you should once again pass the moist hands with cool hands around the neck. This way to calm yourself is more suitable for women, because They have skin on the neck more sensitive and sensitive to touch.

There is another way thatVery malovremeni. For this exercise, you need a piece of any rough fabric, whether it's a towel or a scarf, the harder the fabric will feel, the better. So, the fabric is found, it is in your hands and ready to absorb all the negative emotions that have accumulated in you for the day. Deeply sighing, crumple the scarf, or towel in the hands, put in motion all your anger and resentment, twist the fabric as much as possible, try to squeeze out of it everything that is possible. Do not think about breaking it, just do what you do. Exercise should be finished quickly and abruptly, having opened hands and dropping a piece of tissue. This exercise will help you feel light and relaxed, especially in the hands. If desired, the exercise can be repeated.

In a stressful situation, it is worth to listen toIn this case, the tension concerns not only our internal state, it also manifests itself on our muscles. Therefore, exercises that alternately relax and stiffen muscles will be very effective. You can also try massage the fingers in your hands, it will not only distract you from a nervous irritant, but it can also lead you into a quieter state. To perform it alternately with sufficient effort, press on the nail phalanx of each finger.

All the above exercises are notComplex, and some of them can be done quickly and imperceptibly right on the working place. If you do not take care of yourself, or who will not engage in these activities.

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