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Reed sugar - a fashionable product

Cane sugar - this is not a newfangled product, its historyCounts many millennia. He came to Europe from ancient India. In our country, sugar appeared in the XI-XII centuries, and in 1719 the first sugar factory was launched. It was a very expensive treat, available only to a few rich people. Only after 100 years began to produce cheaper beet sugar.

Many believe that cane sugar is lessCalories than beetroot. However, they have almost the same calorie content. But brown sugar contains many useful substances: potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. These minerals are found in molasses, which gives the caramel color and aroma to the sugar. Adding cane sugar to tea or coffee can be in less quantity, because the taste is more saturated.

Quite often reed sugar is forged,Staining the usual refined sugar into a brown color. Do not dissolve sugar in water to determine its authenticity. The treacle is contained in the upper layers of sugar crystals and dissolves faster, so even natural cane sugar stains the water brown.

Identify the authenticity of sugar can beCaramel taste and smell, which is difficult to forge. Also worth paying attention to the country of origin. The best sugar is made in Cuba, the island of Mauritius and in Latin America.

Sugar from reeds is used not only withDrinks, but also widely used in cooking. Caramel desserts, puddings, pies are prepared using such a sugar. It gives friability with the liver and a special flavor to the pies.

There are several varieties of unrefined cane sugar. All of them differ in their taste qualities.

Demerara - fine sugar with a delicate taste. It is best for coffee, fruit pies and meat in sugar glaze.

Muscovado - Barbados sugar. It is used for baking creams, making sweets and toffee.

Turbinado - this is Hawaiian sugar, it is not completely refined.

Black Barbados - very fragrant and darkest. It is used for making exotic dishes and fruit cakes.

Reed sugar is a product that people eat for many centuries. It not only pleases with its taste and aroma, but also enriches the human body with useful substances.
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