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Gigantism, acromegaly and dwarfism

Gigantism is also developing because of the largeThe amount of growth hormone, but, in contrast to acromegaly, the growth is proportional. Gigantism occurs only in young people not older than 18-19 years. With the progression of the disease, weakness, rapid fatigue, and violation of blood pressure are observed.

Dwarfism or pituitary nanism, it comesWhen the pituitary gland is disturbed in early childhood. The organism with this disease produces too little growth hormone, so that children lag behind in growth from their peers by 10-15, and sometimes by 20%. At the same time, sexual maturation is delayed, there are no secondary signs of sex. Parents should observe the growth gap in children aged 2-5 years. If you find the slightest deviation, you should contact your doctor. Gigantism and dwarfism are treated with medicines, which, as a rule, gives a good and stable result.

The disease with acromegaly develops verySlowly, it begins with constant headaches, fatigue, numbness of the hands. The skin becomes less sensitive and gradually thickens, the nose grows larger, not only the lips but also the tongue grow, which creates difficulties in eating and communicating. Also, the skin hangs on the back of the head, not allowing to rotate the head. Brushes and feet become wide, active hair growth is observed, and this is not only on the head. Among other things, vision deteriorates, the functions of the genitourinary system are disrupted.

When there are signs of disruptionThe pituitary gland should immediately consult a doctor. Setting a correct diagnosis can take a long time, and the earlier treatment with acromegaly begins, the better its results. The treatment of acromegaly is long and complicated, sometimes even radiation therapy is used. Slow down or completely eliminate the increased release of growth hormone can also be surgery or medical treatment. All types of treatment facilitate the patient's condition, but the processes that occurred before the beginning of treatment, unfortunately, are irreversible.

Such diseases have not been studied enough forIn order to recommend any preventive measures. Protect yourself from unnecessary stress, infectious diseases, complications. Women for prevention are recommended at the slightest deviations from the norm of bleeding during menstruation to consult a doctor, to register in a women's consultation during pregnancy become on a short term, abortions should be done only in medical institutions. This will help to avoid acromegaly, gigantism and dwarfism.
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