/ / What does it mean that the uterus descends and the vagina falls out?

What is the omission of the uterus and loss of the vagina?

Consider the symptoms that appear whenOmission of the uterus and vagina. As a rule, the symptomatology can be different, it directly depends on the severity of the disease itself. In the event that the disease is in mild form, there may not be symptoms at all. If this is already a serious form of the disease, then a number of unpleasant symptoms may appear. First, there will be a heaviness in the pelvic region; Secondly, pain in the lower back can occur; Thirdly, there are feelings of increasing the volume of the vagina, as well as pain during sexual intercourse. In some cases, it may pursue the feeling of a foreign body inside the vagina. To the causes of omission of the uterus can also be attributed to frequent infectious diseases of the bladder and not normal abundant discharge. All these symptoms are most evident throughout the day and closer to the evening.

To date, there are modern methodsIn the treatment of the uterus and vagina. The main thing in this problem is to call the doctor in time and start the prescribed treatment. The severity of the pathology is first assessed, only then determined with the method of treatment. As is known, treatment of the vaginal ovulation can be divided into two types, namely, conservative and operative.

The first type of treatment is appointed precisely then,When the uterus and vagina are relatively small. Conservative treatment includes such stages: the course of visceral therapy and the appointment of a vaginal ring, which serves to correct the uterus or vagina. Also considered hormonal therapy, which helps to prevent the weakening of tissues and muscles supporting the uterus. The conservative method of treatment includes weight correction, this is considered if the woman suffers from excessive weight.

Most often, medical professionals preferSurgical technique, it concerns the restoration of the pelvic floor. In this case, colporphia is usually used. This, in fact, a surgical operation that strengthens the muscular framework by suturing the walls of the vagina.

Such an operation can be of two types, viz.Front and back. It is aimed at the complete or partial restoration of the position of the bladder, uterus, rectum and pelvic muscles, as when the vagina is lowered the anatomical position of some organs changes. In such a situation, when the uterus falls out, doctors strongly recommend that it be removed.

Since medical progress does not stand still, with such a diagnosis it is possible to consider the option of ventrofixation, namely - the lining of the uterus to the abdominal wall.
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