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How to eat right in the cold season

It is in winter that we begin to wantSomething-fat, nutritious - fat, sausage, delicious soups, pancakes with a thick filling of pills, cakes and other goodies. And if there is no mood, to prepare food, we use semifinished products and all sorts of canned food. Indeed, it is very hard to eat in the winter with some salads and fruits as in the summer, on a hot weather.

But this kind of food, even though it helps us get warm andSurvive a light money, but also with the same success can harm the body, stuffing with harmful toxins and excess fat, so much so that not every immunity will survive. The absence of immunity, as is known, is fraught with complications and various kinds of diseases.

But do not despair! There is nothing insoluble. Even frosty days can follow the correct system of healthy eating. A healthy balanced diet will help improve your immune system, keep your body in perfect state and give you a truly cheerful mood in these gray boring autumn-spring days.

  1. Try to remove potatoes from the diet. Substances that are contained in it, acidify the blood.
  2. Increase the daily intake of vitamin C. Eat sauerkraut and frozen berries.
  3. Eat homemade canned food. Surely, many have dishes prepared for the winter with their own hands.
  4. Create a note, and every day, in the morning, drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice.
  5. Do not forget about vitamin E - eatEvery day a floor of a tablespoon of sunflower oil. Do not forget that in refined oil there are more nutrients. Therefore, it is better to cook food with this kind of oil, and unpeeled food will be suitable for filling up vitamin salads.
  6. In winter, the body needs vitamin D. Buy cod liver and more chicken eggs. They have a lot of content.
  7. Do not forget that sugar helps vitaminsVery quickly excreted from the body. Therefore, no sugar. It is better to use sweeteners in food. You can use honey, or barley extract.

If you eat right, you do notThreatens excess weight, seasonal ailments, winter depression and deep apathy. In winter, the exchange of substances passes into a slowed phase, and this again, is fraught with a set of extra kilograms, from which it is even difficult to get rid of even in the summer. To avoid this, add food for food. They seem to warm you from the inside, acting on the metabolism, so it accelerates. Thanks to spices, the metabolic rate can be increased to twenty-seven percent. Majoran, pepper, tarragon, the more spicy the seasoning, the better.

Be sure to eat more hot, notEat out a dry soup! Hot soup and the second as nothing else is suitable as a preventive medicine. After such a dinner or dinner, the temperature is easier to tolerate, and the overall condition of the body improves.

What foods are not recommended for eating in the cold season?

At any time of the year, especially in winter, a person who cares about his health, his figure and health is categorically contraindicated to use the following products:

  • Genetically modified foods (cheap sausages or sausages, soybeans, and any products that it includes, modified starch);
  • Fats, which contain a huge amount of cholesterol, the exception - light fats, dishes fried in oil, smoked sausage and stuff.
  • Fast carbohydrates (fast food, sweet and flour products, semi-finished products);
  • Any alcoholic beverages.

We hope that the advice given in this article will help you survive the winter in good physical shape.

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