/ What can not be done during menstruation?

What can not be done during menstruation

However, not everything is as bad as it might seemFirstglance. Many women during the period of menstruation feel in an excellent physical form. How do they do it? They just know a few unspoken rules, and they know how to pay special attention to their bodies. This is exactly what we wanted to talk about in this article.

What is not recommended for taking menstruation

  1. Sports. It is not recommended to go in for sports and other physical activities on such days. If you can not without sports, at least reduce the load. For example, a daily jog can be replaced by an ordinary walk. If you disobey, blame yourself. Loads on the body during menstruation will only increase the bleeding, but do you need it?
  2. Thermal procedures. In the early days of menstruation, it is better to exclude from your schedule a visit to the pool, sauna, or bath. And it's not that after that, bleeding increases. On such days it is very easy to bring an infection into your body, as the cervix opens, and heavy bleeding creates an environment for the favorable reproduction of bacteria. Therefore, do not take any water procedures, except the shower.
  3. Have sex. This issue is very controversial. However, every woman has the right to choose whether she needs it or not. Experts on this score do not say anything bad. The only exception is not to have sex, if the process causes pain. Many couples do not have sex only because this, they believe, is not hygienic. The blood itself, which is released during menstruation, does not contain harmful bacteria, but the smell that emanates from the vagina may not like it. And the genitals themselves during this period are at risk of infection. Therefore, it is more expedient to use condoms. On the other hand, a man on such days can end up in a woman, and not worry that she will become pregnant, unless, of course, she does not want it. As the saying goes, if a woman does not want to - she will not become pregnant. In general - the issue of sex is decided by the partners themselves.
  4. Acceptance of drugs. When menstruation does not need to use blood thinning drugs. For example, aspirin should be replaced with paracetamol. This will save you from great blood loss, and, accordingly, from the onset of a general weakening of the body. This advice does not apply to those who take similar drugs as prescribed by the doctor. Often these are those who have coronary heart disease, varicose diseases, for example, atrial fibrillation, as well as those who have had a heart attack and a stroke.
  5. Conducting operations. It is not recommended during menstruation, to carry out any operations, even if it is an ordinary visit to the dentist. Even the most insignificant of them at this time are transferred more difficultly, as the blood is curtailed much worse. Accordingly, the risk of complications increases. Therefore, postpone surgery for another time.
  6. Poor eating. If you do not take enough food during your periods, it can cause pain in the lower abdomen, fatigue and overwork. It is especially desirable in this period to use foods with a high content of mineral substances, such as: calcium, magnesium and fiber. Also it is not recommended to take salty, spicy and sweet food. The food should be balanced. It will not be superfluous to receive vitamin complexes, which should be prescribed by a doctor - a sexologist, individually to every woman. Therefore, do not be lazy - go to a specialist.

If the menstrual attacks rarely,Accompanied by various pains or on such days you feel a general malaise - go to the doctor, do not pull. First, problems with menstruation often are a sign of hormonal changes, and even worse - of diseases. And they demand the necessary correction. Secondly, the gynecologist will necessarily prescribe to you the necessary preparations or will advise what preventive measures to take, to eliminate the causes of discomfort.

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