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Harm and benefit of "live" food

A person who eats raw food does not suffer from excess weight. You can even reset for a few months 8-10 kilograms.

The daily diet includes an exception fromFood all boiled, fried, baked and boiled. That is, no cereals and soups, sugar, alcohol, baking and bread. Glucose comes from fresh vegetables and fruits. Dairy products are consumed raw in unpasteurized form. He also eats raw mushrooms. In general, these are industrial mushrooms.

Meat and fish are also included in the menu, despiteAnimal origin and are not subjected to heat treatment. Although, of course, most of the raw food are vegetarians. They allow themselves only eggs and milk, feeding on vegetable food. A more strict principle is the vegan raw food, where all animal food is excluded. There is also a less common fructarianism, when a person eats only raw fruits and berries.

Kitchen raw food is not as simple as it seems. Mistresses do not spare time to look for fresh meat products, sprout beans and seeds, dry the sun in grasses and fruits, dry fruits and mix different gifts of nature. Dried vegetables and mushrooms are more delicious due to the fact that useful substances remain in their original form and after the moisture evaporates.

In addition, products that have not been processed,More qualitative and even prevent many diseases. For example, it is better to use all kinds of cabbage in raw form, as it reduces the risk of bladder cancer, even if it is only 6-8 times a month. Raw vegetables can prevent oncology of the digestive system. The carotenoids strengthen the immune system. To maintain beauty, health and energy, vitamins B and C are important, which do not tolerate heat treatment.

However, raw food can not only benefit people. Let's consider all the pros and cons of this way of life.


  1. Protection against diseases: rheumatism, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, hypertension and oncology.
  2. Cleaning the body and fighting with constipation, due to the rich fiber content in food.
  3. Getting rid of excess weight and faster sense of satiation.
  4. Many remaining in food vitamins and minerals.
  5. The burst of life energy.


  1. Lack of certain nutrients and minerals: iron, calcium, fatty acids.
  2. Non-heat-treated products that cause indigestion and exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases.
  3. The existence of products that are better absorbed by heat treatment: tomatoes, meat, eggs and fish.
  4. Impossibility of destruction of all harmful substances and bacteria (Salmonella, Escherichia coli, solanine).
  5. Loss of products of a part of useful properties during delivery and storage.
  6. Contraindications for diseases: allergies, pancreatitis, colitis, ulcers, pancreatic and gallbladder diseases.

You can avoid some of the negative effects of raw food, if you still decided on this step:

  • Try to eat only very fresh foods;
  • Wash vegetables, fruits and herbs under running water;
  • To wipe the fruits use only a plastic grater (metal deprives them of vitamins);
  • "Raw" dishes eat immediately, because when stored, harmful microorganisms reproduce;
  • Chew longer and do not drink a lot of water so that your stomach does not swell;
  • Make variety: experiment with seasonings and spices.

When choosing raw food, your diet should beFull and varied in the ingredients and methods of their preparation. Take care of changing the lifestyle of a sensible and careful, because this depends on the safety of your health.

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