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Often we conclude a deal with our conscience and inAs a breakfast, start the day with a not very useful, if not frankly harmful, quick snack. But a nutritious and healthy breakfast not only helps to provide the body with a set of nutrients, increase physical and mental activity, stabilize the hormonal balance, as well as the amount of sugar in the blood, but also helps to maintain the body weight that does not allow overeating throughout the day. Today, we will show you several ways to solve this dilemma and give some examples of breakfasts in a hurry.

So, where do you start your day? The main goal of breakfast is to give our body enough protein, at least five grams of fiber and a few carbohydrates. Remember that slowly burning carbohydrates are the best source of energy for the body, so even if you are sitting on a carbohydrate diet, it's better to include foods containing carbohydrates in breakfast. Also, a small amount of fat will add to your stamina and help remove the harmful and unpleasant desire to have a snack after an hour or two after breakfast.

It is not so difficult to find products in order toTo cook the food in a hurry. As a source of protein, you can successfully use lean varieties of cottage cheese and cheese, white meat, eggs, nuts, fish. To ensure that those slowly burning carbohydrates are present in the diet, you can add muesli or cereals from whole grains, bread or cereal, a good bread or a little bran that you can add to yogurt. Also, grains can serve as a source of essential fiber for the stomach. Do not forget about berries, fruits and vegetables, because these delicious foods will help you not only give the body a set of nutrients, but also make your morning colorful and bright, and gain strength for the next day.

Options for fast breakfasts

  • An excellent combination of fruits and yogurt does notOnly fine taste and unconditional benefit for your health, but does not require preparation. You just take a cup of natural good yogurt without flavors and additives and mix it with finely chopped fruits. An excellent addition to this breakfast can be a cup of herbal fragrant tea and a slice of whole grain bread. In winter, when fresh good fruit is difficult to buy, it is quite possible to replace them with dried fruits, in which all nutritious and useful substances are preserved - dried apricots, prunes, figs, raisins;
  • Another good and widely known optionBreakfast in a hurry - muesli. You can buy them in the store, pour milk or water, after which, after waiting a bit (at this time you can, for example, go to wash and brush your teeth), breakfast will be ready. Unfortunately we can not guarantee that the purchased muesli does not contain any dyes and flavors. But there is a way out - you can prepare muesli yourself. This is not so difficult and will require no more than five minutes the night before. Pour a cup of cereal from whole grains (it can be wheat, oats or buckwheat flakes), add a glass of water and leave overnight. In the morning you carefully drain the water, add some berries, fruits, yogurt, nuts or honey to taste, mix it thoroughly - and a delicious full breakfast is ready!
  • Another fast enough, however, not the mostA useful and tasty breakfast option - the use of frozen convenience foods. The advantages of such a breakfast are the simplicity and speed of its preparation, and the disadvantages are high prices and frost, which has a very negative effect on the benefits and taste of frozen foods. But still, if there is a choice, then it is better to have such a breakfast than its total absence.
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