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The benefits of an oxygen cocktail

What is included in the oxygen cocktail

A similar cocktail contains a phyto-cocktail andFoaming cocktail, oxygen bubbles. The component of a phyto-cocktail can be vitamin, and can be medicinal. Sometimes flavors can be added. As a substance that forms foam, the licorice root, eggs, gelatin infusion are used. These substances can be interchanged, and can be combined. Most often use licorice root or dry egg protein. In the preparation of a cocktail, the natural egg protein is not used, because of the likelihood of infection with salmonella and the limited shelf life of the cocktail, which from the moment of preparation is only 2 days. The preparation of gelatin takes about six hours.

What is the use of an oxygen cocktail?

Oxygen through the tissues enters the bodyMuch more than through the lungs, and the cocktail is used inside this is its benefit, since oxygen enters the body through the lungs. A portion of this cocktail is comparable to a walk in the forest. Thus, cocktails enrich the body with pure oxygen, preventing oxygen starvation or hypoxia, cope with insomnia and signs of chronic fatigue. They help the body cope with stressful situations, for the brain they are considered good nutrition, moreover, they are able to restore its functions after long mental loads.

Moreover, such a cocktail is capable ofTo restore the intestinal microflora, thereby improving the digestive process, accelerating the process of cleavage of useful components. Oxygen cocktail is useful and is considered a good assistant in the treatment of diseases of the intestines and stomach.

Also, such cocktails promote treatmentFunctional disruptions of the central nervous system resulting from physical overload, hypotension, emotional overload, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis, stress. If you use an oxygen cocktail every day, you can increase efficiency and immunity.

To drink an oxygen cocktail is especially recommended for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and women who carry the child (in order to improve the conditions of development of the fetus).

If a cocktail is given to schoolchildren, the child will beEasier to learn the school curriculum and perform homework. Moreover, the immunity of the child will be strengthened and protected from viruses during periods of an epidemic of ARVI and influenza, that is, in the cold season.

Everyday use of oxygen cocktails rejuvenates and cleanses the skin, it is due to the fact that the skin cells and capillary network are saturated with oxygen.

Oxygen cocktail has the abilityTo reduce the feeling of constant hunger (in fact the stomach is filled with a drink in which there are practically no calories) and improve metabolism. People who want to lose a few pounds, cleanse the body, in conjunction with a low-calorie diet is recommended to drink an oxygen cocktail. Several days of such fasting can be compared to seven days of usual fasting.

To drink such a cocktail is recommended for those who often go to the gym and after fatigue after physical exertion. The cocktail will fill a stock of pure oxygen, relieve the feeling of fatigue.

To resume normal body functioningFor adults, an oxygen cocktail is advised to drink in the morning one serving, in the evening two servings. Children need to drink an oxygen cocktail in the morning one serving and in the evening one serving.

Excessive oxygen cocktail does not happen, therefore, do not deny yourself (if possible) in bliss to drink a healthy portion of the drink.

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