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Belly dancing for pregnant women

Consider a direction such as belly dancing,Which is a traditional art form for women in the East. Westerners mistakenly believe that they are engaged in such a kind of dance as belly dancing just for fun, or it's just a hobby. Also, many believe that belly dancing is a classic dance of the wife for the husband, created originally as a hobby and a temptation. Of course, if you look at one side, then yes, everything is absolutely true. But this is not a full feature of this kind of art. The fact is that belly dancing or belly dance is in addition to everything else and special gymnastics for future childbirth. The roots of this direction go so deep that many already do not remember its true purpose.

In the process of the dance, all physical activityOn muscles comes gradually, while those muscles that have priority during childbirth are involved. This, perhaps, is one of the few physical directions, which is limited from sharp shakes. Belly dancing includes a set of specific exercises that are aimed at working with the muscles of the legs, hips, and of course the stomach. And, it's worth adding that all such physical exercises are allowed in use for expectant mothers who are already in the position. Moreover, all these physical exercises are used up to the most genera. Women who have devoted themselves to such art, at the time of pregnancy, reduce the risk of hypoxia - a lack of oxygen in children. Since the placenta is in constant motion, it follows that it develops faster, supplying the child with the necessary amount of oxygen, as well as nutrition.

In childbirth, muscles such asMuscles of the press and muscles of the small pelvis. At the time of the dance, all these muscles are involved, and by mastering the control and controlling them, you will also learn to relax them. This can help you very much in childbirth. The fact that in the body there is such a substance as endorphins is a natural anesthetic. And it is produced just by relaxation.

Pay attention, also to the muscles of the perineum,The development of which is also very important. The fact is that at the time of birth, the crotch of nine women out of ten is torn. And this is all because many even do not know that perineal muscles play such an important role. And a woman who has been involved in sports all her life can also not suspect how serious it would be to approach such a question. And to help make the muscles of the perineum flexible and give them elasticity will be able to belly dance.

It is also worth noting that during the period of the birthProcess, a very great influence is on the feet. It is not so easy to overcome fights, due to which at a certain number of parturient women, after birth there are problems with varicose veins. In this regard, pregnant women are advised to take walks in order to keep their legs moving. But, as a rule, walking tires, but as far as belly dancing for pregnant women, here everything is the opposite.

It is known that Arab musicPositively affects women, and also assists in a positive mental state, calms. Just what is needed before birth to future mothers.

The positive charge of emotions during pregnancy is very important, and with the help of belly dancing, you will not only bring yourself into the appropriate physical form, but also take care of your moral standing.

For such a long time, like nineMonths, taking into account the change in the body of a woman, a large burden falls on the back, on the spine. At the time of belly dancing, such muscles are also involved and strengthened.

And, of course, for future mothers, one of the actual reasons why it is worthwhile to do this kind of dance is to preserve and stimulate the beauty of your figure.

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