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How to cure the flux in the home

Flux and how to recognize it

Before treating the flux in the home,It is necessary to know the "enemy in person". If your tooth is affected with tooth decay, then everything is clear. From the affected tooth, the infection passes to the gum, which leads to its inflammation. Inflammation has the form of a bag of pus that is placed before the jawbone. When the form is started, the flux can cause phlegmon - a disease of the gums and jaw. This is due to the fact that pus has nowhere to go and it spreads through the jaw in different directions and at different depths.

How to cure the flux at home quickly

Sometimes it happens that the symptoms of flux in theirCharacter is reminiscent of periodontitis. This, as a rule, annoyingly aching pain, even at the time of tranquility. But at the moment, if your cheek is inflamed, there is edema in the oral cavity around the tooth, which is affected by tooth decay, the temperature rises and constant pain is felt - the flux should be immediately cured.

We treat flux in the home

As we have already said, at an early stageThe flux can be cured independently. At home with the help of traditional medicine you can get rid of inflammation, but, unfortunately, this can not solve the problem of a sick tooth. Also, in a home environment, you can get rid of the pain before you visit a specialist.

Take about half a cup of boiled water(You can use alcohol, for example, vodka) and add dried sage and a bluehead (6 table spoons) to it, as well as a common Russian yellow card. Hermetically close the vessel with the solution and put it in a dark place for two hours. After that it is necessary to rinse the oral cavity with this solution every two hours. In case, in addition to the flux you want to get rid of the pain, you should moisten the cotton swab in the received infusion and make a compress on the sick tooth.

Another way to clean the flux is toUse of oak bark. To get the infusion, we take half a liter of boiling water two tablespoons of oak bark and insist the solution within thirty minutes. The received infusion should be rinsed all day long.

Also you can cook at homeSpecial tincture. To prepare it, we need to take one piece of the forest arsenic, the buds of white birch, vinca and mint, and then mix it all. Then one liter of boiling water, pour two tablespoons of the mixture. Treatment of flux with this tincture is carried out by rinsing the oral cavity once every two hours.

These easy recipes will certainly help youGet rid of inflammation and pain, but in any case, do not delay the visit to a specialist (dentist), so he examined the affected area. Take anti-inflammatory and antibacterial medications only after a doctor's examination and recommendations. By the way, to use antibiotics prescribed by the dentist, it is necessary for several days (from 5 to 8).

Following all our advice, you can quickly get rid of the flux and unpleasant sensations associated with it.

And finally, a couple of tips: In the categorical form do not do any bandages on the struck place; Do not take antibiotics before you visit a dentist; Do not use compresses that have a warming effect, as they can speed up the spread of pus!

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