/ / Vaginismus is a female sexual illness

Vaginismus is a female sexual illness

Applicable to sexual relations, thisThe disease acts as a reflex protection before copulation (penetration). It manifests itself in involuntary reduction of the thighs, contraction of the muscles of the vagina and in the foreground, involuntary, protective reactions of the organism. It happens that after a lapse of time, this disease recedes by itself, but there is a danger that if you do not take measures in time, it will develop into a female "impotence", prescribed by virgogamy.

Causes of the disease

The proven fact is that the mainCause vozginizneniya vaginismus, are psychological disorders, such as stress, neuroses and other. In the stressful state and neuroses, vaginism is only a protective reaction of the body, but not a fear of sexual relations as such. Such a reaction can occur not only in the intimate sphere, it is also possible to exacerbate various somatic diseases.

With stress and other nervous-compulsiveVaginismus is a kind of phobia, in other words it is associated with fear of examination by a gynecologist or with a fear of intimacy. This disease is typical of very hypochondriacal Ipsychologically unstable women, or women who have had unsuccessful experiential relations, accompanied by unpleasant and painful sensations, which could be associated with other diseases and inflammations, or inept treatment from the sexual partner.

Very often, the cause of vaginismus can be sexual violence, forced marriage, hostility to a partner or his impotence, in which he blames his partner.

Most often, women suffer from vaginism,Which after the first and subsequent sexual acts, the hymen remains intact, but it does not exclude the possibility of the disease in women who live long in marriage, and even those who have given birth, in this case only the causes that caused the disease change.

Treatment of the disease

Treatment of vaginismus should be complex, itConducted by the doctors of different specializations: gynecologists, sexologists, psychologists and proctologists. Initially, it is necessary to find out the cause of the disease, then start therapy.

Treatment, as well as the possibility of the onset of the disease, can be varied from a general anti-inflammatory treatment to a more local treatment.

In the treatment of true vaginismus, active participationaccept psihologov, using in the treatment of such methods as hypnosis, training and explanatory conversations, to communicate with a psychologist also follows the sexual partner of the patient, tk. a situation may arise where the cause of the origin of the disease will have to be combated together.

Very often, women suffering from vaginismus are advised for prophylactic purposes to undergo a course of relaxing exercises.

During the treatment of vaginismus, the patientprescribe the antidepressants and tranquilizers, which will not only allow the patient to get the patient's necessary information, the painlessness of the examination by the gynecologist, but also will dull the painful sensations.

If the cause of vaginismus is the integrity of the hives, it is destroyed through microsurgical intervention.

Predicting the treatment of disease

Most often, the treatment of vaginismus bringspositive results. The woman regains her sexual life, and her psychological state is established. In the future, women who have suffered from vaginismus even give birth to children. If, however, the disease did not recede - this means that the cause of the occurrence was a complex, psychological trauma.

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