/ / Correction of the form of the labia

Correction of the form of the labia

Indications for correcting the labia:

  • Assimetry of genital small lips, as well as their too long elongation;
  • Swaying and flabbiness of the labia due to congenital defects or age-related atrophy;
  • The change in the shape and volume of small lips, in some cases too much protruding beyond the genital large lips or their noticeable asymmetry;
  • Too much large genital lips;

Contraindications for labiaplasty:

  • The presence of venereal diseases;
  • Inflammation of the genital organs of any kind;

Labiaplasty procedure

Before the operation is performed, a womanShould undergo a test and pass many tests for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis C and B, gynecological smear on the flora. The labioplasty of the labia may be performed under general or local anesthesia. The duration of the operation in general does not exceed an hour.

The operation to correct the labia must be performed no later than 3-5 days before the onset of menstruation and is of two types: plastic of small and large lips.

Labioplasty of genital small lips most oftenIs aimed at reducing the volume of genital small lips so that they do not protrude beyond the genitalia of the large lips. The specialist removes excess tissue in such a way that the small lips are hidden deeper, and then puts the seams, which after a while dissolve by themselves. The operation of excision of excess tissue can be carried out linearly or V-shaped, and with the linear method, natural folding takes place, which is usually typical for the edges of small lips. In the event that the operation is performed using the second method, then on each side of the labia, V-shaped scrapings are removed, which enable the preservation of natural pigmentation and folding.

In some cases, if a woman wishes, she canAn inverse operation is performed, that is an increase in the volume of small lips. At the same time, a biopolymer gel is injected into the base of the lips, which, as it were, puts them forward. This operation also has a duration of about an hour.

Correction of large lips is closely related to theirFunctionality - protection of genital small lips, protection of the vagina from penetration of infections and maintenance of a temperature regime. If the genital large lips have insufficient volume, they are increased by lipofilling the adipose tissue or introducing a certain amount of biopolymer gel. Injection of hyaluronic acid can also be used. If you want to reduce the size of the genital large lips, then the procedure is liposuction - through small punctures or incisions on the skin, removal of fatty local deposits is carried out. When the shape of large lips changes, excision of excess skin areas is done.

Complications that may occur after labioplasty

Although the plasticity of the labia is attributed to the operationsBut after it some unpleasant complications, such as swelling of the zone in which the operation was performed, uncomfortable sensations in the area, hematomas, etc., may also occur. However, if you follow all the recommendations and appointments of a doctor, and monitor compliance with personal hygiene, any complications take place within a few days at most.

Results of labioplasty

Operations to correct the shape of the labiaAre painless. Although it is widely believed that after this operation, sexual sensitivity decreases, in fact, correcting the shape and volume of the labia leads to an increase in the quality of sexual activity. If the operation was performed properly, the labia become a normal size and shape. Also, the labiaplasty of the labia does not affect the ability to conceive and give birth to a child.

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