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Restoration of menstruation after childbirth

Restoring the menstrual cycle

It should be noted that for the termination of menstruationIn the body of the mother is responsible prolactin. It is a hormone that stimulates the production of mother's milk. In the body, all processes are interrelated. In this regard, the period of recovery of menstruation in many ways will depend on whether the mother is breastfeeding her baby, whether the separation begins from breastfeeding, whether it introduces complementary foods to the baby's diet,

Artificial feeding leads to moreRapid recovery of menstruation, it usually occurs two to three months after delivery. In a situation when the mother suddenly has milk lost, the monthly ones are restored for several weeks. When you stop lactation, when the child is weaned from the breast, the menstrual cycle normalizes quickly enough.

If a baby is fed from infancy and breastfedMilk, and the mixture, the production of the prolactin hormone gradually decreases, which accelerates the period of recovery of the organism in the hormonal ratio. In this situation, the first ovulation, and hence menstruation, occur 3-4 months after birth. In the main the menstrual cycle in a woman is restored after the introduction of complementary foods. At 4-7 months of age, the baby begins to give extra nutrition, during this period, the mammary glands reduce the production of less milk, the hormonal background is reconstructed. Today, there are rarely such mothers who feed babies exclusively with breast milk for up to a year. In such situations, the woman's monthly cycle does not recover until the baby is breastfed.

In some women, the monthly cycle that appearedAfter birth, immediately completely restored and becomes regular. But in most cases, the menstrual cycle is unstable for 2-3 cycles. This period is characterized by irregular menstruation, it is possible to delay or vice versa, a rapid appearance. After 2-3 menstrual periods, the woman's menstrual cycle should be adjusted. If for some reason this did not happen, then you need to consult a gynecologist. This may indicate the development of inflammation in the genitals, endometriosis and malignant neoplasms of the ovaries and uterus.

Features of the monthly after delivery

During the period of gestation and childbirth, the body of a woman undergoes certain changes that relate to both external and internal changes. Without hormonal and physiological changes can not do.

Often, women notice that after childbirthMonthly changes. Soreness and irregularity may disappear, but scarcity or, conversely, copiousness may appear. If such changes are within the framework of physiological norms, then do not be afraid of them. But if there are unpleasant sensations, severe blood loss and other suspicious symptoms, contact a gynecologist.

It should be noted that the cesarean section is not affectedOn the course of menstruation, but it is accompanied by complications and inflammatory processes. Perhaps the development of such a situation, when the recovery of menstruation occurs in full, as before pregnancy. This indicates a complete recovery of the body, that all functions function normally. Restoring the normal menstrual cycle after birth, each woman has its own characteristics. Someone needs two months to restore the process, and someone needs a year. The main thing is that the situation does not go beyond the physiological norm.

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