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Is the mineral water harmful to pregnant women?

For a woman at this time, water is necessary, becauseThe entire exchange process changes radically. Vital organs (kidneys, heart) begin to work several times more, this is due to the fact that the growing body requires the right conditions.

When a woman is in a position, the useWater for it is extremely important, it promotes exchange processes. If the pregnancy is without toxicosis and any violations, water should be consumed about 8 glasses a day. And in hot weather and with poor health, drink should be increased. It is not necessary to drink a lot of fluids in late pregnancy. At this time, you need to observe the measure. Take as much fluid as it leaves your body.

Is the mineral water harmful to pregnant women?

But still, what kind of water should a pregnant woman drink?Woman, so as not to harm yourself or your baby? Scientists give an unambiguous answer that water should be of high quality. Such table water is mineral water without gases. Such water will be best for a pregnant woman, since it does not contain various impurities. It would be ideal to use water extracted from the surface layers of the earth.

It is believed that in order to give birth to a healthy baby, you need to start drinking quality water half a year before pregnancy. But even if you did not, do not miss the chance now.

Our women are interested in the question of how mineral water during pregnancy affects the baby and can it be taken in general?

There are many opinions on whichJudge about mineral water and pregnancy. But at the moment, scientists have begun to argue that the adoption of such water safely affects the health of the unborn child. Our compatriots use natural water from artesian wells very little, so our rates for children's diseases far exceed the rates of overseas women. After all, girls from France, Italy, Germany consume much more useful water.

Carbonated mineral water

And as for carbonated mineral water,Manufactured by industry, then those scientists and doctors say that it is better for women in a position not to take such a liquid. By itself, the mineral water interferes with the stomach in the ongoing processes. СО2 getting into the body begins to burst stomach and causes belching, which bothers the baby. Also, it can cause a disturbance in the work of the stomach, a woman may have constipation, as well as a loose stool.

There are many carbonated drinks inWhich contains aspartame. It is a substance that is sweeter than sugar many times over. It causes disruption of the liver and can cause diabetes, not only in an adult, but also in an unborn child. In addition, aspartame causes an appetite, and for pregnant women it is very bad, because during pregnancy, a woman always wants to eat. Therefore, such drinks can spoil your figure.

The soda contains phosphoric acid. It can cause urolithiasis or create stones in the gallbladder. A woman in the situation and so the kidneys work much more, and if there is a disposition to such diseases, it can affect a woman's health.

Do not use mineral water with dyes during pregnancy, this can cause a different kind of allergy, both for mom and for a future child.

Before you drink a soda, think aboutBones and teeth of your baby. Mineralka negatively affects the enamel of a woman's teeth and leads to their destruction. And as you know, a woman's teeth are the guarantee of her baby's healthy teeth.

From what has been said above, it is necessary to doConclusions that pregnant women and mineral carbonated water are not compatible. Women are required to take non-carbonated mineral water (best extracted from underground wells) for the sake of the health of their future baby and their own.

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