/ Why does my stomach hurt after sex?

Why does my stomach hurt after sex?

Diseases of the ovaries.

The first thing to do is determine the place fromWhich causes pain. If the pain is concentrated in the lower abdomen - especially the right or left, it is possible that the culprit of the celebration is the ovarian cyst. The cyst belongs to the qualitative formations, in the form of a bladder. Treatment is appointed based on its variety. Cysts that appear as a result of functional disorders are often self-eliminated after two to three menstrual periods.

Until the cyst was lost, you canUse the analgesics that will help to survive the unpleasant sensations of postsexa. It is not superfluous to abandon those postures in which a woman is not able to regulate the depth of the entry of the penis into the vagina. Use the pose when the woman sits in the pose of a rider. This is the most gentle position for ovarian diseases.

Abdominal pain in the abdomen.

It often happens that women do not complainOnly nap in the abdomen, but also in pain in the genitals. Usually this burning and itching vaginas. The organs are red, edema appears. To answer the question, why a woman experiences pain in the vagina after sex, will have to conduct clinical studies, maybe even ultrasound. The cause may be inflammation, disease or thrush. Thrush is very often the cause of severe pain and worsening of feeling. The prescribed treatment of infections and other diseases should be supervised by the attending physician.

Cervicitis, he is an inflammation of the uterus, can alsoCause the pain in the lower abdomen. The uterus can become inflamed with irritation caused by the partner's penis, especially if it enters deeply. And the discomfort is felt both during the sexual intercourse, and after it. Usually it is a sharp pain in the lower abdomen. Women with myoma are the exception. Where does the pain come from? The reason is that the tumor that originated inside begins to press on the internal organs located in the immediate vicinity of the uterus.

If you choose a posture in which the tumor will be under pressure for the duration of the sexual intercourse, it will not lead to anything good.

The tumor, for its part, will begin to put pressure on the nerve weave and other organs, so the woman will also begin to experience discomfort.

Especially vivid pain with deep insertionMember in the vagina. The cause may be endometriosis and bartholinitis. Endometriosis is an inflammation of the uterine mucosa, and bartholinitis is an inflammation of the bartholin gland. The formation of the spas in the small pelvis, as well as diseases of the bladder, also contribute to the formation of pain both during and after sex. All of the above diseases require immediate treatment, so do not delay the visit to the doctor. After all, there is nothing more important than your health.

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder. To my great regret, this inflammation does not give a worry to women at any age. It refers to urological diseases, and arises, as it was said earlier, due to inflammation of the lining of the bladder. And the worst thing is that this inflammatory process prepares a favorable environment for the development of various diseases.

Determine whether you have cystitis or some otherThe disease is simple enough. If after sex you experience pain during urination, most likely, you have inflammation. There are many ways to treat this problem, however, before you start taking the tablets, you will need to consult a doctor who will prescribe the treatment or tell you what to do.

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