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Influence of different types of shoes on leg health

From the point of view of specialists, this view of fashionIs unhealthy, moreover, the problems with the feet in the future are fully provided for us. Deformation of the fingers of the foot, arthritis in any of its manifestations, so it is possible to enumerate the details. Is it worth the desire to match the fashion of such victims? Let's consider, how much really it is really necessary to concern to the given theme and as it can affect health bearing of different type of footwear.

High heel

Undoubtedly, such shoes are classics,Transforming us, emphasizing the length of the legs, giving even more sexuality and elegance. It is worth noting that heels, with a height of seven centimeters and above, exert a very strong load on the spinal cord, about twice as much as when using ordinary shoes. Thus, walking on high heels, we can feel how the backbone is flexed in the lower back to maintain Equilibrium. The most significant effect is on intervertebral discs, and this in turn can lead to the appearance of a disease such as a hernia.

Use of shoes that are excessively highHeel, leads to a deterioration in blood flow to the head. This is due to the fact that due to the high heel, the body is in constant tension, and the load on the joints, as well as the muscles is not right. So it affects the flow of blood. After spending a whole day in high-heeled shoes, the main load is transferred to the toe. And if you imagine that a woman with high heels also has heavy bags with products, such a weight can even lead to deformation of the foot. This takes place in this way: the big toe accrues to the adjacent ones, so the leg becomes much wider. Also, on the front of the legs can appear all kinds of cones. After a while, all this can lead to the emergence of arthritis, and also arthrosis is not excluded.

But how to be the one who wants every dayLook attractive, emphasizing grace and beauty, without hurting your legs? Here the answer is only one. Always wear a pair of low-heeled shoes. You can also buy specialty interdigital correctors. Such an acquisition can protect feet and toes from all sorts of damage. There are also such proofreaders on the market, which are made on a silicone base. Such products will help prevent the appearance of corns and all sorts of deformations, and also help avoid flat feet. It is worth paying attention to the fact that there are also specialized insoles on sale. This is the so-called thermoforming formate, which at the time of use, responds to body temperature, in a similar manner, completely taking the form of a foot. Such insoles can reliably prevent any injuries.

Flat shoes

Here you can include the ballet, ugg boots, various sneakers andFlip flops. The fact is that the flat sole of the netak is also harmless, as it seems, it can not be more useful than a shoe on an excessively high heel. That's because such shoes can not hold the form, due to which it has a peculiarity to "collapse" on one side. Such a process can be observed in the summer, paying attention to the girls in ballet shoes, and also in the winter, to the girls in the corners. One side, as a rule, is always beveled, because there is no support for the foot. Since there is no heel, and the sole is absolutely flat, the foot is flattened, which leads to longitudinal flat feet.

Ideal for shoes have a small heel,The size of two to four centimeters. In this case, you will be able to prevent foot diseases, which are typical for lovers of high heels and flat soles. Also remember, beauty should never be healthier than health.

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