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First aid with a poisonous bite

When a sucking mite is found on the bodyYou just need to calmly pull it with your fingers, keeping it as close as possible to the place of bite. If the mite does not lend itself immediately, slowly, shake it from side to side. It is not necessary to pour an insect with oil or cauterize, it is unlikely to help. In cases when the proboscis of the tick comes off when removing the tick, it is necessary not to rend the wound, but to treat it with hydrogen peroxide and smear it with green for 3-4 days, until the remnants of the tick come out.

There is no point right after the bite to run to the hospital. Just remember the place of the bite and check it periodically. If after 2-3 weeks you will find redness, then there is already an occasion to consult a doctor and conduct an immunogram of blood.

Wasps, bees, bumblebees

Surely every man bites at least once inLife wasp or bee. This bite is characterized by sharp burning during 10-20 minutes, redness and slight swelling. In a wasp, a smooth stinger with poison on the tip, while the bees have sting with notches. That's why the bee sticks in the human skin and the bee escapes from the abdomen along with the glands that produce the poison, which is why it soon dies. The sting should be removed as quickly as possible, otherwise the wound will be healed much longer. Apply something cold, and the inflammation will pass faster.

Bites of bees in small quantities representThreat only to people with an allergy to bee venom. They should immediately take special medications in case of a bite, otherwise itching, redness, but the worst - swelling of the respiratory system, can be lethal.
Neither a wasp nor a bee will bite you if you do not disturb them and stay away from the nests.


The most common in Russia among snakesVipers, snakes and slippers. When a viper bites, one or two wounds on the body remain, through which the snake venom injects. If there are more traces from the teeth, then it is most likely that he bit either skid. Their bite is not so dangerous, since the poisonous teeth are deep in the mouth, they are small and the poison is weak.

Nevertheless, it is better not to take snakes into your hands, notStep on them and carefully look under your feet when you move through the grassy terrain. After the bite, you must immediately tear off the snake and throw it away, if there is no wound in the mouth, suck it, spit the poison out of the wound, and rinse the mouth with water. To put a tourniquet on the extremities and to cauterize it is not necessary, can become even worse. It is necessary to immediately call an ambulance or go to the hospital. It is dangerous to move independently in this state, as the spread of poison in the blood can accelerate.

Spiders and scolopends

Among dangerous spiders for humans can be identifiedKarakurt and tarantula. People are scared terribly, but they can bite for protection purposes. To scare away spiders from your residence, you can use special ultrasonic devices.

Karakurt all black with red specksOn the abdomen. His poison is extremely dangerous for a person, and without medical assistance death is probable. The first symptoms: pain as after a sting of a bee, then the pain grows and the whole body starts to hurt, the temperature rises, convulsions appear.

Tarantulas, as a rule, are dark gray and larger than Karakurts. Their poison is not very toxic and causes only temporary numbness. They live in earthly burrows and spiderweaver practically do not weave.
Scolopenders love moisture and often come to visit the tents of tourists. They look scary and the bite is very unpleasant. The poison should be sucked, rinse the wound with peroxide and smear it with a green.

Be careful, follow the advice given above, and your health will not be threatened.
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