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How to choose the right desserts in order not to harm the figure

However, solving the problem is not so difficult. Do not give up desserts, you need to learn how to choose them! Not all sweets are harmful to a slim figure. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully consider all types of desserts and distribute them as their destructiveness for the waist increases.

1 place on merit belongs to fruit. A storehouse of nutrients and a universal desserton every day. Every day you can eat 300 grams of fruit or 100 grams of dried fruits, because dried fruits are more caloric. Attention should be paid to the use of grapes, bananas and persimmons, since these fruits are the most high-calorie and contain a lot of sugar.

In 2 place - a wonderful dessert and friend of each, watching the figure, girls, jelly. A variety of varieties of fruit and milk jelly will not leave indifferent any lady. Fruits will give your body a variety of vitamins, and gelatin will strengthen nails and hair.

Compote located on the 3rd place Our list can also be used inThe quality of dessert is daily, but the use should be limited to two glasses a day. It contains a whole range of useful substances and will enrich your menu.

4th place is awarded to ice cream. But here you need to navigate by type. Fruit ice is an assistant to a slimming person, and tasty, and useful, and low-calorie, a successful combination. Milk ice cream can also be treated fairly calmly, but do not allow yourself to have it too often. But with all the variations with additives in the form of nuts, chocolate, jam, you need to be extremely careful.

The 5th place on our list is awarded with milk desserts: Curds, curds, cocktails, puddings and yoghurts. And here, just as in the case of ice cream, you need to carefully consider the composition of the dessert. Dairy products contain a lot of useful substances, however, to enhance the taste, manufacturers add desserts to a large amount of sugar, chocolate, jam and a host of other foods that increase the caloric content, fat content and sugar content of the dessert.

6th place wins jam. No, in its pure form, jam is a product evenUseful, but who can eat it with a spoon and without anything. More often people prefer to smear jam on fresh bread or ruddy bun, and even with butter, and along with all this jam migrates from the category of a useful dessert into the category of harmful sweetness.

On the 7th place - cookies. Cookies are a lot of flour, sugar, butter, and allIt's unhealthy. Of course, one cookie - it's not scary, and the waist does not hurt much, just because it's small. But who among us can stop at one cookie?

Chocolate sweets took the 8th place. Chocolate doctors recognized the useful and evenRecommended to eat 10 to 20 grams of bitter chocolate daily. But this rule does not apply to chocolate candies, because in the production of sweets, in addition to chocolate, various kinds of fillings and additives are used, which, if desired, can not be called useful.

On the 9th place and on the attractive storefronts of bakeries baked pastries. It is cheap, it has a huge number of species,And, of course, it is incredibly tasty. Her adored by children, adults manage to replace the baking with a full meal, and it would seem all goes well. But do not forget that baking is very caloric, and there are not enough nutrients in it so that it can become a substitute for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is affordable, satisfying, but not useful.

10th place on our list deservedly occupied by cakes and pastries. Sweet cakes, fatty creams, and variousAdditives make such a dessert completely unacceptable for dietary nutrition. Nutritionists do not recommend eating cakes or cakes more than once a week. But it is better to treat these desserts as solely festive food.

As you can see, desserts and slenderness - things are quite compatible, only you need to learn how to use them competently. And then you can enjoy your favorite sweets, and a slender figure.
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