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How to eat at a party if you are dieting

And how do you want to try everything at once. And what to do if there is no way to enjoy all these little joys in a diet? Of course, you do not want to offend the guests, which specifically, waiting for you, cover the chic table, but you do not want to betray your goal either. So how do you act in this situation? How to eat at a party, if you are on a diet and do not want to break it? Well, of course, to sit out all the upcoming New Year holidays at home, for fear of your figure, it is not necessary.

As far as possible and desire, you can still liveFull life, but still try to observe some of the restrictions that your diet inevitably imposes. It is also wrong that many still decide to give themselves a certain amount of indulgence during the holidays, they say, "On holidays I will relax, after - I will continue to struggle with weight ...". This, of course, is the wrong approach. There have been some studies in this area, during which it was found that people who managed to lose weight on a diet and not recruit it swiftly again, achieved this result exclusively by a certain sequence.

The most effective way to control weightThose who did not give themselves indulgences either on a visit or on holidays, adhering to the same diet, both on weekdays and on weekends. In this case, the likelihood that your efforts to combat excess weight will not be futile twice as much before those who allowed for themselves some moments of relaxation during the holidays. After all, there is a huge risk that after returning to your already familiar dietary diet, you not only can not throw off all the collected for the holidays, but add to the existing weight a couple more hated kilograms.

The reason for this vulnerability to weight gain inLong New Year holidays is an abundance of dishes on the festive table (after all, everyone wants to show off to their guests new recipes, so enticing us with an amazing aroma and festive sight), and also that during this period the number of feasts increases dramatically a couple of times. It is advisable, if possible, during the holidays and visiting guests to control their weight also by periodic weighing. And remember, the point is not to lose weight during frequent feasts, but to not gain extra weight.

The most important thing is how to eat at a party, ifSit on a diet - the right attitude. You need total concentration on your weight. Understand for yourself that losing weight is undoubtedly more difficult than recruiting it again. Do not forget that you have a goal, the final outcome of which is your excellent health and excellent shape. Is your beautiful figure a bad incentive to still try to control yourself and not give slack. So what should you do to stay true to your goals on holidays? To begin with, you need to think through and make a certain plan for yourself, try not to get out of it in any way. For example, you knowingly know perfectly well that at a visit to your loved ones (friends, acquaintances), you, of course, will try to feed as much as possible and taste better.

Naturally, using for this purpose all kinds ofDelicious baked goods, high-calorie desserts and other goodies, which are so difficult to refuse. Well, and how here not to taste, violating the strict order of his plan? You can stress for yourself a couple of simple tips. For example, before preparing for this event (hike on a visit), take care of your own food by cooking yourself or buying some low-calorie dessert, which, in principle, you can treat all present at the table.

Before leaving home, you can already do somethingEasy snack, at least eat a single apple. You will not be so hungry and desire to eat everything and immediately, being at the table, will become dull. So, you came to visit ... It would be better to immediately warn those gathered at a meal that you are on a diet, this will help to avoid unnecessary questions and indignation, why the plate is so rarely filled. It would be good to drink a glass of warm boiled water before the feast starts (minutes for 15-20 minutes), it will help at least somehow reduce the appetite. Sitting at the table, put on a plate for a little bit of what you can eat on your personal diet. Try to eat as slowly as possible, it will help to feel the filling of the stomach faster and avoid overeating.

It is better to impose a smaller meal and then simplyOccasionally add. Talk more often, entertaining guests with interesting stories from life, anecdotes. Be the center of attention - this will help to distract from the very process of eating and dive into the equally pleasant time of the feast - communication. Remember that you go on a visit, first of all, for cognitive pastime in the company for pleasant conversations, and not just to sate your stomach. Try to come up with options when you can communicate with friends and family without a meal.

Of course, while visiting, usually everyone eatsMore, for the company, as they say. An ideal option for guest gatherings will be active rest. Ie when you not only sit at the table, trying as much as possible to try and evaluate from the presented abundance of food, but also when you entertain yourself with all sorts of dances and singing. Yes, sometimes it's hard to try to control yourself, especially when they do everything around you, that they seduce you with something delicious and taste it. But you do have a goal and just imagine how proud you will be when it is achieved.

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