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Prohibitions for pregnant women: myths and reality

Myth number one: we eat for two

Medical point of view on this. Nowadays doctors who lead pregnant women often face such a delusion. Future mothers, having learned of the fitness, consider it necessary to double their food, that is, they try to eat two.

This opinion is completely wrong. It is proved that during the course of pregnancy, the diet should grow by three hundred calories per day. And overeating is very detrimental to the organ of the future mother. It can affect excessive weight gain, cause toxicosis, and also lead to a large future child, which can create complications during childbirth. It is worth paying attention to the fact that overeating has never been beneficial. Everything should be in moderation. Listen to your organism, he will tell you at what point you need to eat more, and in what and to survive.

Myth number two: ultrasound examination can have a negative effect on the fetus

If you look at this from a medical point of view,It turns out that at the moment, there is no evidence that this study harms the baby. On the contrary, through the help of such a diagnosis, it is possible to identify all kinds of pathologies in a timely manner.

Undoubtedly, if there is no necessary indications for such a procedure, it is better to abstain. Traditionally, if there is no need, planned procedures are performed three times during pregnancy.

Myth number three: during pregnancy, you can not cut your hair

In olden times, it was said that together withShorn hair cut off the vitality of an unborn child. This opinion is completely erroneous, since hair is a solid protein structure designed to perform a warming function. And the roots of this prejudice go deep in times when hair really could warm a woman, since they were of appropriate length. Thus, the young can change their image boldly, not paying attention to such superstitions.

Myth number four: at the time of pregnancy, it is necessary to exclude knitting

In olden times it was believed that the future mother, knitting inThe time of pregnancy "tied" the child's way, and, consequently, the birth will be difficult. We, in turn, living in the twentieth century, understand how stupid such a proposal can be. Knitting is more of a hobby, which helps to relax and relieve tension, bringing with it only positive emotions. Here it is worth mentioning only that pregnant women need to keep an active image, do not stay too long, and give more time to walks.

Myth number five: pregnancy should be kept from strangers, especially on short terms

Next, note that in the old days, similarly,Women defended themselves and the future of the child from a "bad eye", from otherworldly evil spirits. We, at the present time, understand that this is just superstition. After all, people close to you around are happy to share with your happiness and give their care.

Myth number six: before the birth of the baby, you can not keep baby things in the house

It is worth paying attention to the fact that in advancePrepare for the birth of a baby is simply necessary. After all, it is better for you to choose everything together and buy in a timely manner, this applies to both children's clothing and necessary furniture. Having prepared everything on time, while in the maternity ward, you will not be bothered by such questions, you will be able to calmly prepare for childbirth.

Myth number seven: "You are good - you will bear a son"

Such a myth also has its roots in distantTimes when women were based on the experience of neighbor's grandmothers. But from a medical point of view, part of the logic here. This is based on the fact that the male hormones that appear in the organism of the pregnant female boy have a beneficial effect on the poznodnost hair, nails, teeth and skin color. But the course of any pregnancy is individual. Therefore, the state of the future mother can change regardless of the age of the child.

Myth number eight: sitting with the posture on the leg, leads to the development of clubfoot

From a medical point of view, it should be noted that there is really no benefit from this situation, since this does not have a beneficial effect on blood flow. But the development of clubfoot does not have the slightest relationship.

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