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Harm to beer for women

Some people think that beer is even useful forThe female body, because it contains vitamins and female sex hormones - estrogens. However, beer is very harmful, only moonshine acts worse on the female body.

The reason for the harm to beer for women is,That it is manufactured by fermentation. In the process of fermentation, very harmful substances are released. If you drink beer, in such quantity, when it will be equal to a bottle of vodka in the fortress, then the hangover after this will be much more difficult and harm to the body will also be caused more significant.

The reason for this phenomenon is in production. When vodka is produced, all harmful organic substances are filtered out, and in beer they remain, and in high concentration. And vitamins, on the contrary, disappear, no matter what the producers of beer say.

Now let us touch upon another question - phytoestrogens. Often on television you can hear the words that phytoestrogens can prolong the youthfulness of the skin. However, not all estrogens are useful. The most useful estrogen is the one that is produced in the body of a woman, and it is it that favorably affects the skin of a woman. The same effect from estrogen is achieved in case it is applied along with the cream on the skin, but when you use this effect, there will be no such effect. The danger is that the ingress of hormones from the outside leads to the fact that the body itself simply ceases to produce them, as unnecessary. Thus, the hormonal apparatus of girls simply begins to atrophy. If a girl from a young age starts to regularly drink beer, even in small amounts, then by the age of twenty five hormones in the body will almost cease to be produced. The use of beer is comparable to prolonged hormonal treatment, and, the older the girl, the more harmful the beer. The failure in the hormonal system, in turn, leads to the development of endometriosis and ovarian dysfunction.

However,Demographic issue. Beer in this case can be called a Trojan horse, which shows its negative influence at the most inopportune moment. It is quite logical that alcoholic beverages are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. However, alcohol can not be consumed and some time before conception. Time before conception is very important for the future child, when you drink at this point in the beer, the baby will be conceived in the womb, poisoned with alcohol.

Hormonal failure from drinking leads toVery unpleasant consequences for girls. And more recently, these effects are expressed in the form of infertility. The number of girls trying to recover from infertility, which is only nineteen to twenty years old, has increased. This is because the development of their own sex hormones is so low that they simply do not have enough to conceive. Another consequence of the use is a frozen pregnancy. In this case, there are enough hormones for conception, but too little for the fetus to develop.

Twenty years ago, there was not even aTerm, as "frozen pregnancy", but now everyone knows about this concept, probably. This phenomenon is now prescribed in all textbooks on gynecology. And the main reason for this phenomenon, again, is a hormonal failure, in which there is a decrease in the amount of estrogens and an increase in androgens.

Therefore, if a young girl wants to become aThe future beautiful mother, then when buying another bottle of beer, she should think about whether it is worth the short pleasure of losing the opportunity to have children.

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