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Vitamins for increasing hemoglobin and immunity

The lack of iron in the body, and therefore,Low hemoglobin, can lead to many violations of your health, because hemoglobin helps to transfer oxygen to all cells of the human body. If you suffer from frequent colds, feel general weakness, fast fatigue, your fingernails crack, hair fall out, or your hands and feet freeze, then maybe it's just low hemoglobin that causes it all.

Vitamins for increasing hemoglobin are thoseVitamins, which contain primarily iron, but not only it, because in order for iron to assimilate, it is necessary to participate in other vitamins and trace elements. Vitamin C is a faithful ally in the assimilation of iron by the body. If you take iron preparations, then it is important to include in the diet vitamin B12. In addition, our body needs vitamin B6, So that the hemoglobin is within normal limits. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to a decrease in immunity and anemia. Vitamin B5 Or its other name - pantothenic acid, improves the level of hemoglobin in the blood and strengthens the immunity of the whole organism.

As you can see, vitamins for hemoglobin representAlso vitamins for immunity in "one person". Of course, you can buy a drug of pharmacological origin and use it to enhance the defenses of the body, but it is also important to organize a full and balanced diet, because vitamins of natural origin are more effective, they are better absorbed by the body. If your diet is not high-grade, include in your diet of quality dietary supplements that contain natural drugs and naturally supplement your body with the missing nutrients.

It is important to know that low content ratesIron in the human body is often the main cause of impaired immunity. Therefore, until you reach the normal hemoglobin in the blood, there is no sense to increase immunity.

So, what are the foods you need to use to increase hemoglobin levels? Liver, beans, green vegetables and eggs contain a lot of iron and vitamin B12. As already mentioned, you need to saturate the bodyVitamin C, which promotes the normal absorption of iron, and also serves to enhance immunity. A lot of vitamin C is found in citrus, sweet pepper, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, oranges. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that protects the body from chemical pollutants and toxins. Vitamin B6 Is found in vitaminized porridges, meat and fish products, beans, certain foods and vegetables.

If the hemoglobin level is very low orA natural full-fledged diet can not normalize the level of hemoglobin, resulting in iron deficiency anemia, pharmacological preparations containing iron and vitamins that promote its absorption are used. Examples of such drugs are Anaferon, Sorbifer Durules, Fenyuls and others. These drugs should be taken only on doctor's prescription and after a survey that will help determine the cause of hemoglobin reduction in the blood.

There are many national recipes that have proven themselves in the treatment of ailment. For example, the same carrot with sour cream or a mixture of dried fruits, nuts, honey and lemon juice.

It is important to know that disease prevention is alwaysIs much cheaper. Therefore, a full diet rich in vitamins food helps maintain hemoglobin within the limits of the norm, and hence strengthen the immunity of the whole organism. Do not ignore a healthy dream, walking outdoors and daily gymnastics - faithful companions of strong immunity. Watch your health, decide in time possible failures in the work of organs and eat fully, and your body will work like clockwork.

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