/ How to cure female alcoholism?

How to cure female alcoholism?

Treatment of female alcoholism

To treat a woman from alcohol you need to start withVisit to the narcologist. This is usually the hardest moment for a drinking person. It is shown that a small proportion of women apply for treatment voluntarily. This is due to the fear of women in public censure and misunderstanding. And many simply do not realize that alcoholism is a whole problem in their life and that they are addicted to alcohol, despite the fact that they drink low-alcohol drinks. There is a false opinion that they do not cause dependence and are practically harmless.

Treatment of alcoholism should always beComplex. It is important to eliminate the harmful effects of alcohol. In most cases, pharmacotherapy is used for this. The goal of such treatment is to improve the kidneys, liver, heart, nervous system. In general, the body is gradually cleared of toxins and other harmful substances that came with alcohol. Duration and intensity of treatment depend on how long the woman drank and what doses of alcohol destroyed her body.

In order for the treatment of alcohol to beEffective, should form a conscious resistance against the desire to drink. And here we can not do without psychotherapy. An experienced doctor will be able to identify problems that contribute to the development of alcoholism, to convince a woman that alcoholic drinks do not solve existing problems, but only create new ones. All this will help a woman consciously come to a refusal to drink alcohol. At this stage, treatment can be very long, since noticeable results do not appear immediately. Some women, considering such therapy ineffective, stop halfway and stop treatment. It is very important that there is support for close people nearby, who at the time of desperation could persuade the patient to continue treatment.

It is well known that women are more emotional andAre sensitive compared to men. Therefore, care and support of native people for them is especially important. We need to surround them with attention, both during the treatment period and after it. A woman feeling lonely will again seek solace in alcohol, and then the treatment will be in vain.

Not the best method of treatment for alcoholismIs the encoding and other similar methods. This is due to the fact that the woman is afraid that something terrible will happen to her if he drinks again. However, conscious refusal to drink alcohol is not formed. The reception of the encoding is limited in time, the fear will pass, and the woman will again return to alcohol and, probably, in large quantities, rather than before this treatment.

There is a false opinion that female alcoholism can not be cured. However, he easily refuted the results of research conducted by British scientists.

Twenty-five thousand men and women participated in theThis experiment. At the same time, part of the volunteers, both women and men, was dependent on alcohol. They took tissue samples, isolated DNA and examined some genes. It turned out that in women the craving for alcohol increases several times when the work of a certain gene is turned off. That is, the silence of this gene significantly increases the risk of alcoholism among women. It is assumed that this scientific discovery in the future will create new, high-tech methods of treating alcoholism in the weaker half of humanity, eliminating the cause of dependence at the genetic level.

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