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Treatment of inflammation of the appendages in women


To establish the diagnosis of adnexitis is not a simple task. Initially, a woman is sent to take a blood test, the result of which will help determine whether there is an inflammatory process in the female body, this will be indicated by an elevated level of leukocytes. When gynecological examination, the soreness of the uterus, cervix and / or ovaries is palpated. The gynecologist also takes vaginal swabs to help identify the causative agent of the infection. The result of smears and DNA (PCR) will also show the bacteriological state of the vaginal flora. A woman is referred to a vaginal ultrasound.


Treatment and medicines appointExclusively a doctor. If the inflammation occurs in an acute form, then chills, nausea, an increase in body temperature, muscle tension in the anterior abdominal wall, vomiting. In the presence of such symptoms, the patient, as a rule, is sent to a gynecological clinic for inpatient treatment.

Subacute inflammatory process is treatedOutpatient. Before appointing a doctor, the doctor sends the woman to the blood test. The inflammatory process is indicated by a high level of leukocytes, soreness of the ovaries, and painful sensations when examining the cervix. Also, an analysis of the vaginal smear, PCR, ultrasound with a vaginal sensor is done. In severe cases, laparoscopy is used - surgical intervention. During the operation, small incisions are made in the anterior abdominal wall, then special instruments are introduced into the small pelvis, which enable surgeons to examine the uterus, fallopian tubes, and appendages.

The treatment regimen is selected only after theRequired studies, during which the causative agent of the disease is detected. Adnexitis is treated with antiviral drugs, antibiotics, immunostimulants and physiotherapy. Such a complex will stop the development of the infection and remove the inflammatory process.

To live a sexual life while a woman is being treated for adnexitis is not recommended, but if it does not work to refrain from sex, then the partner should use a condom.

Together with a woman should be treated and a man (sexual partner), because if a woman has an infection, that is the risk of continued inflammation and / or re-infection.

At the end of the treatment, the gynecologist checks the effectiveness of the therapy and takes a control smear and other tests from a woman from the vagina.

It is worth noting and the fact that 25% of women,Which were inflammation of the appendages, encounter recurrences of adnexitis. A possible cause of relapse may be not previously detected infections, the preservation of chronic inflammation, the development of vaginal dysbiosis.

For the prevention of repeated inflammations of the ovariesA large role is played by the use of various alternative and non-traditional methods of treatment - physiotherapy, homeopathy, gynecological massage, mud therapy, manual therapy.

Prevention is not only directTreatment with different methods, this is a careful attitude to one's own health - care should be taken to protect against sexually transmitted infections, to avoid severe fatigue, to have one sexual partner, to avoid hypothermia.

Folk remedies for treatment of appendages

Inflammation of the appendages can be treated with folkMeans and get good results. However, folk remedies for inflammation of the appendages are better used as an auxiliary, and not replace them with a full-fledged treatment, which was prescribed by a gynecologist.

In this case, treatment with folk remedies removes only the symptoms accompanying the disease. Those who have infections can be eliminated only by medical treatment.

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