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Inflammation of appendages during pregnancy

Initially, the microflora of the appendages is sterile, thenThere are conditions completely suitable for conceiving a child. However, according to experts, now more and more women turn to medical institutions with complaints about various deviations in the microflora of the appendages, which leads to the development of diseases. Disease-causing microorganisms are the cause of inflammation, which in turn is an obstacle to pregnancy.

Changes in microflora can be causedVarious reasons. Sometimes this happens after infection with infections transmitted by sexual contact. And in other cases, microorganisms already live in the body of a woman, but are in an inactive form. And when the conditions that are suitable for them occur, what happens, for example, with a decrease in immunity, the body can not suppress their growth, they begin to multiply actively. In some cases, problems with the appendages can be asymptomatic. But during pregnancy, when there is a general decrease in the body's immune forces, a woman can feel the discomfort that is associated with violations of the normal state of the body.

When planning pregnancy specialistsRecommend that women be examined to identify hidden inflammation of the appendages. If you do not identify this problem on time, and therefore do not solve it, then there is a chance of developing chronic inflammation of the appendages and the likelihood is very high. This situation carries a risk not only during pregnancy, but also can lead to serious consequences in the future.

Healthy appendages and pregnancy - it's almostInseparable whole. Inflammation in the fallopian tubes and ovaries before pregnancy can threaten the development of an ectopic pregnancy. As is known, fertilization takes place in the fallopian tubes, after which the egg should be transported to the uterus in order to gain a foothold there. However, if there are any health problems with the appendages, for example, if there is obstruction of the fallopian tubes or there are spikes, then the egg is not transported to the uterus, but is fixed in the fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous and in the event of such a situation, immediate medical attention is needed. The danger of ectopic pregnancy is also that its symptoms coincide with the usual pregnancy. Define the difference can only an experienced specialist.

Chronic inflammation of the appendages may threatenInfertility. This is due to the fact that in the inflamed appendages scars and adhesions are formed, which eventually grow and can block the lumen of the fallopian tubes, which means that obstruction arises. All this can be avoided if you take your health seriously. It is necessary to be examined regularly by doctors.

If the inflammation of the appendages has occurred during the periodPregnancy, this can complicate the course of pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the mother can infect her child in utero. If this did not happen during pregnancy, the infection can affect the baby during childbirth. However, unfortunately, with inflammation of the appendages there is a high risk of spontaneous abortion. In addition, treatment of a pregnant woman has some peculiarities. For treatment, antibiotics can not be used, as they can harm a child, and therefore it is necessary to look for other methods of treatment. In any case, the effect of treatment should far exceed the risk of complications in the child.

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