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Harm to smoking for women

For women, the harm of smoking is especially strong. Women's health is particularly vulnerable, and smoking can cause irreparable damage. The female organism is very susceptible to tobacco in comparison with the male. The risk of the emergence of diseases in women smokers is several times higher. However, the degree of survival is also higher.

Such a paradoxical endurance natureGave women, because it is the weaker sex that supports the human race. Fertility of the child, childbirth, feeding the child. Smoking women should consider whether it is necessary to spend the strength of the body to fight the toxins produced with tobacco smoke.

The main factors leading to infertility,Are alcohol abuse and smoking. A large-scale study of English scientists, in which over 17,000 women participated, showed that the number of cigarettes smoked per day is inversely proportional to the ability of a woman to conceive, bear and give birth to an infant. That is, tobacco smoke has a negative effect on a woman's ability to conceive and give birth to a child.

According to scientific data, cigarettes containCompounds that act on the female germ cells - the oocyte. A damaged egg can not fertilize a normal sperm, so the moment of the fusion of the male and female sex cells is simply impossible. And even if the conception did take place, the fetal egg will develop incorrectly and the fetus itself will die at the initial stages of its development.

A clear correlation was found: The longer the period of the smoking woman, the greater the number of eggs will be damaged. The long experience of smoking a woman can be compared with the complete removal of the ovaries, since smoking affects not only the eggs, but also on the fallopian tubes, making them impassable.

Mucous membranes of the fallopianum are covered with ciliatedEpithelium. This is a very thin and sensitive fabric. One cigarette is enough to cause serious damage to it: toxins destroy cilia. In turn, this leads to the fact that a fertilized egg can not descend into the uterine cavity, attach to its wall and begin to develop. Instead, it begins to split in the fallopian tubes, leading to an ectopic pregnancy, and subsequently to infertility.

Interesting is the fact that smokers almost2 times more girls are born, not boys. This is because the fetus with Y-chromosome, obtained from the pope, may die early in pregnancy due to the toxic effects of cigarettes. And even with successful conception, smokers have very few chances to bear fruit and give birth to a normal child.

It was revealed that among women smokersSpontaneous miscarriages occur 2 times more often. This is due to the fact that nicotine narrows the lumen of the blood vessels, which prevents the blood cells from performing their functions - delivering oxygen to the placenta and removing toxic carbon dioxide. In severe cases, the fetus may die from oxygen starvation.

At the time of delivery, smoking women are also exposed to serious danger: large blood loss due to placental pathology, which, incidentally, can lead to the death of the mother's baby.

Smoking mothers most often give birth to painful,Weakened or underdeveloped children. Therefore, planning a pregnancy, it is recommended to quit smoking for 1.5 years before conception. It is believed that this time is sufficient to make the female body clean of the toxins of cigarettes.

To smoke or not - it's up to you. But remember that smoking harms not only you, but also the people around you. Every normal woman dreams of beautiful, healthy, intelligent children, and this is possible if you protect your body from the negative effects of toxic substances, in particular tobacco. Think about how hard it is for a small organism inside you to breathe tobacco smoke, while still growing and developing.

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