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Exercises for the muscles of the small pelvis

We train the muscles of the small pelvis

With the help of exercises you can train musclesPelvic floor and try to restore their elasticity. It is better to strengthen the muscles than to work on a problem later. In women with developed crotch muscles, it is much easier to push the baby out, soft tissue tears and hemorrhoids develop.

Process of preparation

  • Training is an alternation of relaxation and muscle tension. At the right time, it's important to relax and help the baby to be born.
  • Exercises are performed with different dynamics and amplitude.
  • You can do it in any situation. The main thing is to practice regularly, ideally, three times a day.
  • Watch your breath without delaying it.
  • It is better to do some exercises, butMake them right. The muscles of the pelvic floor quickly become fatigued, and the load rests on the abdominal muscles, internal, buttock femoral muscles. As a result, the desired effect will not be achieved by you.
  • If you find it difficult to do exercises sitting or standing, lie down.
  • If possible, start training before pregnancy, then continue to do this during and after pregnancy. The body is easier to recover.
  • Kegel exercises in the pelvic organs improve blood supply and enhance sexual sensations. Thus, you combine business with pleasure.
  • Before you become engaged, feel the pelvic muscles. Otherwise you will not know what you are training.

Getting Started

1 Exercise

Wash your hands thoroughly. Place the middle and forefinger in the vagina. We'll strain the muscles. Feel that the ring is compressed around the fingers. Relax the muscles and repeat the exercise three times. The muscles of the buttocks, back, abdominals are relaxed at the same time. Keep your breathing deep and smooth.

2 Exercise

In the process of urination, stop the flow of urine. Movement is done due to the fact that we contract the muscles of the vagina, and not the muscles of the hips.

3 Exercise

Quickly squeeze and unclench the muscles of the small pelvis for 10 seconds. Then rest for 10 seconds and relax the muscles. In general, repeat the exercise three times.

4 Exercise

Pull the muscles of the small pelvis and hold them for 30 seconds. Then relax and relax for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise three times.

5 Exercise

At maximum speed, we strain and relaxMuscles, at first do 10 times, then increase the amount of stress and relaxation. We tighten the muscles and hold them for as long as possible. We relax and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

6 Exercise

At an arbitrary pace, we relax and strain the muscles for 2 minutes. We increase the exercise time. Ideal - the duration of the exercise is 20 minutes.

7 Exercise

Slowly count to 5, increase the voltageMuscles. On account 5, the voltage will be maximum. A few seconds, we hold the tension, then gradually relax. We'll rest and repeat the exercise, so do it three times.

Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the small pelvis

  • We stand straight, change the position of the foot, first on the fingers, then on the half-toes, we feel the foot.
  • We'll put a chair next to it. We will rise directly, one hand we hold on a belt, another we lean against a back of a chair.
  • We put the right foot on the chair, the left foot rests on the fingers and stands on the floor. Let's change our legs.
  • We pull in the abdominal muscles, strain the circular vaginal muscle and repeat the movement 1, when the right leg is in the chair, and the left one is on the floor.
  • A little rest and repeat the movement when the right one is on the floor, and the left foot is on the chair.

Exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles along with the tension of the abdominal muscles gives a healing and tightening effect.

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