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Anti-stress head and neck massage

Anti-stress massage of the neck and head will relieve headaches

Stress is the reaction of the body and mind to the external andInternal pressure, which is due to some situations or events. The word "stress" is used when trying to describe the effect of events that violate mental and physical well-being. Stress is a reaction to what is happening around us. Sometimes, to find harmony of body and soul, it will be enough to pause, completely relax and devote time to your rest.

Antistress massage will be relaxing andPleasant technique in order to ease tension. During the massage, the mind and body relax, rest from many habits, worries and problems. It helps to heal the body and soul, it returns inner harmony.

Anti-stress head massage

This massage is a great way to get rid ofStress. This is a whole science and art, the massage is constantly adapting and changing. The massage methods developed from simple ones, which provided relaxation and improved sleep, to complex methods that facilitated and eliminated the disease. Massage is good for the scalp, it provides excellent relaxation and helps to dilate the blood vessels. This massage is recommended to relieve stress, to get rid of headaches, to enjoy peace, for maximum relaxation. In addition, it reduces muscle and mental tension.

Another advantage of the massage is that,That in the neck and head improves blood circulation. It helps with insomnia, overloads, sinusitis, migraines, reduces visual tension, improves tone and mobility in the shoulder, neck and head. The health of the hair is well influenced by massage with the use of vegetable oil, since head massage stimulates the flow of blood to the hair follicles. And if it is made with special oils, it will promote the beauty and growth of hair, prevent hair loss and remove dandruff.

The subtleties of the massage

During an anti-stress massage, the atmosphere shouldBe calm and pleasant. It is very important to completely relax, take a comfortable position and feel comfortable. Avoid further conversations, and if you need to say something, then say it in a soft tone. The person performing the massage should have sensitive and qualified hands. The head massage is designed to work three deep levels, moving from surface to depth:

  • The superficial level is the skin.
  • The middle level is subcutaneous tissue.
  • Deep level - muscles.

To get excellent results you need to doCircular movements, the ends of the fingers keep on the neck, exerting pressure up and down. Then continue and do the same movements in the central part of the head, moving toward the face. Hold the hands on each side of the head, put the thumbs below the ears and other fingers to massage. Circular movements of the fingers move down the sides of the head and move the fingers. So move until the increased blood circulation does not change the temperature. Then massage the entire head, moving down to the neck, and then to the shoulders. To get the most effect you need to do this massage 7 times a week. This massage well attacks the effects of stress. It takes a few minutes, but it brings great benefits.

Neck massage is needed to eliminate stress and to removeTension. He also needs it so that the skin is always toned. After all, over time, the elasticity of the skin decreases, it becomes flabby and becomes wrinkled. In addition to reducing stress, even neck massage is important to stay young for a long time.

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