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What should I do if my ear hurts?

Causes of pain in the ears

The most common cause of pain in the ears isOtitis, such an inflammatory reaction is accompanied by painful sensations, the formation of pus. It develops with the flu and angina or independently. If foreign objects get into the ear canal and the mucous membrane is damaged, then external otitis develops. At the entrance to the ear, pain is felt when pressed and suppurated inflammation.

The acute otitis media is more difficult. It is accompanied by fever, pus, streaking in the ear, strong pain. Acute otitis develops on the background of untreated viral and respiratory diseases. It is advisable to immediately contact your doctor, because different stages of the disease are prescribed different treatment.

How to treat the ear?

It is quite problematic to get rid ofEar diseases, not a single doctor will recommend you do this. Incorrect measures will lead to deterioration of health, and the disease will flow into a chronic form. To carry out any recommendations, you need to see a doctor to clarify the diagnosis.

With a light otitis, the patient's ear is treated with warming. To do this, make warming compresses - in the ear you need to put a cotton-gauze or gauze fabric, previously moistened in boric or camphor alcohol or apply heated salt in cellophane or tissue pads. It is desirable to squeeze as tightly as possible to the ear.

External otitis is treated with furuncle removal, firstIts surface is cauterized with iodine, and then treated with peroxide. To avoid worsening inflammation, it is necessary to visit the street as little as possible in cold weather.

Contraindicated to do warming during tooth decayOr acute otitis. Since high temperatures only worsen the condition and accelerate the development of the disease. When purulent flow of auricular disease you need to go to the doctor, only he can do a surgical operation and remove pus.

In addition, you must definitely take a courseAntibiotics, because the cause of purulent otitis are infections. After removing the pus, you need to drip medicinal preparations into the sore ear, which will rid of harmful bacteria and speed up the healing processes. You can not directly drip into the ears, to the destination of the medicine, it will be delivered by gauze.

What you need to do so that you no longer have pain in your ears?

In most cases, the disease is easierPrevent, than then treat it. Try to protect your ears, do not catch them, then they will not get sick. To do this, follow the simple rules - avoid getting into your ears cold dirty water, do not be in drafts, in a windy and cold season wear a cap with closing ears.

Since otitis develops after catarrhal diseases, it is necessary not to start its treatment. Prevention is cheaper and easier than treating it later.

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