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Anti-viral foot massage

Conservative treatment of this diseaseIs in physical exercises - it can be swimming, long walks, therapeutic gymnastics; In the intake of vitamins and preparations that strengthen the walls of the veins; In reducing excess weight. In addition, it is recommended to use a medical compression knitwear, which was created specifically for the treatment of varicose veins.

Often, a massage is prescribed for treatmentAuxiliary tool. Anti-varicose massage is an effective and simple procedure that helps to combat varicose veins. But it is worth knowing that classical foot massage in our case will not work. Massage should be easy, gentle and effective. Such a massage will help relieve fatigue in the legs, as well as improve blood circulation. When doing massage, you must adhere to certain rules, most important of them - massage movements should not cause pain.

Examples of massage

To remove fatigue of the feet you need to lie down for5-10 and lift on the cushions or other elevated leg seat. This will improve venous outflow and favorably affect the end result. After that, you can start to do massage. The area of ​​the ankles is loosely wrapped around the palms and produced, going to the knee, stroking (10 times). The hands must slide smoothly, the skin should not move.

Then we proceed to rubbing the legs. We rub from below upwards in circular motions, we start with easy movements 8-10 times, then we pass to movements with a small depression on veins. Pressures should be as if you squeeze out excess blood from the vein (do 8-10 times). The movements are more energetic and the skin should move. Again, wrap the shins with the palms (the thumb should be located on one side, and the rest should be on the other side of the shin) and gently begin to knead the muscles. We move from the bottom up to the knee (3-4 times). Massage ends as well as it began - ascending stroking movements of the shins.

Next, go to the hip. Massage of the hip begins with similar exercises performed in the same sequence, that is, we begin with stroking and move to the groin area. To increase the therapeutic effect of the procedure, it is recommended to use anti-varicose ointment during the massage. Massage in total should last no more than five to seven minutes. After the massage, it is necessary to take the horizontal position of the body, and lift the legs to an elevated position. Without getting up from the place, if necessary, put on compression stockings or stockings or bandage the shins.

Massage is best done in the morning after a curativePhysical culture and combine it with a massage of the lumbar spine, which is involved in the innervation of the skin, vessels and muscles of the lower extremities and with foot massage.

There are contraindications and limitations, they can not be ignored.

With varicose veins:

  • Massage is prohibited in the decompensated stage of the process, when there are complications of the disease - deep vein thrombosis, superficial thrombophlebitis, trophic disorders.
  • It is forbidden to do vacuum massage, during which glass or plastic jars are used.
  • Honey self-massage should be done with extreme caution.

Manual professional massage with emphasis onLimfodrenazhnuju a component, along with self-massage under the scheme described above is an excellent method of preventive maintenance of a discussed disease. Moreover, this will be a good addition to the main treatment. Nevertheless, before the massage, it is necessary to coordinate all the exercises with the attending physician. This must be done to avoid undesirable consequences that arise after the massage.

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