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Childbirth with caesarean section. How it was

Cesarean section Is the abdominal operation that is usedTo extract a child by a cut in the abdominal wall and in the uterus. The operation is performed under strict medical conditions, when deliveries through natural ways are either not possible, or pose a great danger for the mother and child.

Many women are tormented by fear: what will happen, how will it be? In fact, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. I myself went through this, so I just want to share my experience.

Often, when a young mummy gynecologist inThe women's consultation makes a "verdict" that she will have to give birth through the caesarean section, she is horrified. So it was with me. What was I most afraid of? What kind of anesthesia will I make? What will happen to my child? What will my stomach turn into, and in general, what complications can there be during and after the operation?

I do not know whether it is worth talking about how muchVarious information on this topic, I read in a short time. Materials from some sources calmed, while others, on the contrary, were horrified. There was a desire, by all means, to give birth in a natural way. However, my beloved daughter, from the fifth month to the end, was sitting in the tummy, like an intelligent child, booty in the birth canal. And yet, my very experienced doctor, assured me that given this "state of affairs," my narrow pelvis and cord with my umbilical cord around the neck of my daughter, I myself do not give birth.

My child's health is above all for me. So, I did not risk it.

I was put in the maternity ward to prepare for the plannedOperation. Only then did I stop being nervous about something wrong with me. Round the clock, I and many more mothers were under the care of experienced doctors. At once I will say that I did not know a single doctor, and I did not talk about any bribes at all.

I realized that cesarean section is a big risk for both mother and baby. But to go to give birth in a natural way in this case, like me, the risk is much greater.

Now actually about the operation. A whole team of doctors took me to the operating theater. In advance they told me that they would do epidural anesthesia. From the realization that I will see and hear everything, I was sick. Anyway. There is nowhere to go nowhere.

A young anesthesiologist gave me a shot in the spine. Actually, it does not hurt as much as I thought. Then I was put on the operating table.

Have connected a heap of different equipment and a dropper. Everyone who was with me at that moment treated me like a small child, controlling every breath and movement of my eyes. Constantly asked about my feelings, sometimes even joked about something.

Actually, when they began to "cut" me,My mood has already risen. From the support of doctors and from the realization that I'm about to hear the scream of my baby. My body split the screen in half, through which nothing was visible. Yes, I felt something during the operation. But it was not pain. So, something is not very pleasant. Just a feeling that "there" is doing something.

In short, at 9.55 in the morning my sun was removed. When she cried, tears of happiness flowed. At that time, it was impossible to describe my state at the moment with ordinary human words.

While I was in euphoria of happiness, I was sewn neatly. Then they gave me a kiss and they took me back to the intensive care unit.

There to me pricked anesthetizing preparations, underThe action of which I was as if intoxicated. Nurses and resuscitation doctors circled around me in droves. After a while, I felt my feet start to turn on. Later, the lower abdomen fell ill. Thank God, it's tolerable. Shivered. I was covered with warm blankets, and soon the chill passed.

That night I reached the toilet myself. She even reached the washstand herself, because she wanted to drink unbearably.

In the morning I was transferred to an ordinary ward, whereLay mummies who gave birth themselves. With me to the hospital I grabbed a post-partum bandage. He perfectly supports the stomach. In this case, without him at all. In short, on the same day I already fully serviced myself and my new friends, who felt much worse than I did.

Unlike the girls who made the cutPerineum during childbirth, I could sit like a normal person. Even for transfers from relatives for themselves and for them, I walked along the corridors to a nearby building. True, the first days, you had to bend a little bit down. I thought, if fully straightened, the seam would break. But this is not so.

Milk I had before all and most of all. So the myth that there is no milk in Caesar's milk is nothing more than a myth.

We were discharged from the hospital one week after the birth. My fears about a huge seam did not come true. Approximately a month and a half later he completely healed. To date, it's been two years since that moment, and now at my lower abdomen there is only a small, hardly noticeable "smile."

In general, dear moms! If you have a cesarean, do not risk giving birth naturally. Medicine today is not what it was 25 years ago.

Think, first of all, about how it will be better for your baby. If you are prescribed cesarean, then there are good reasons for that. All the best to you.

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