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Stresses are useful!

So what? Do you need stresses? The answer lies in the very term of the word "stress", which is often referred to as different states. Voltage can be necessary, and can be disastrous, depending on the situation. It is very difficult to control the state of the voltage and it is possible only indirectly. It arises in the subconscious. To do this, you need to know the causes of this or that degree of stress.

If a person does not have enough knowledge or experience inThe solution of some problem, then it creates the very state of tension. In this case, the body uses its reserves, inaccessible at rest. It's another matter if a person faces an easy task with which he can easily cope. For example, the heart processes about five liters of blood per minute, when a person is calm. If the person is at maximum tension, then the heart works six or even seven times more, the lungs breathe ten times more air, and the number of capillaries with circulating blood in the working muscle increases a hundredfold. Therefore, it is not surprising that in an extreme situation a person is able to do something seemingly impossible.

When a person has that very conditionTension, the body uses not only energy resources, but also information. This increases not only the strength, but also the speed of human reaction.

There are four power levels:
  1. At I degree, the body uses its ownInformation and energy resources. This increases the performance of a person. This occurs, for example, during an interesting and exciting work. Of course, such a reaction of the body is not harmful, but useful.
  2. II degree occurs when a personThere is a more difficult task and the body's reserves are simply not enough. Then a person begins to "explode". Such an emotion, if not dealt with, can lead to a breakdown and a deterioration in health. Breaking up on others is not an option, so in such situations it is better to go for a walk with a quick step and try to calm down.
  3. III degree occurs if you do not overcomeThe second stage of tension. And then the opposite happens - the reduction of intellectual and energy resources, the inhibition of immunological reactions occurs. To cope with this situation and not overstrain the nervous system, support of close people is necessary, a change of impressions and a good sleep are important.
  4. The highest IV degree is already a neurosis. This disease can occur if you do not overcome the problems that contributed to the emergence of the third degree of stress. Of course, intermediate stages of tension may also arise. For example, the oppression of only the intellectual capabilities of the body without losing energy resources.
It is impossible to control the arising voltage, but everyone should be able to prevent the appearance of high stages.

For example, the occurrence of a second degree of stressOften arises from the wrong organization of working time and haste. Therefore, observing the regime of the day and treating others with respect will help preserve your health and your nerves. In addition, the body needs physical activity. It is proved that people with good physical preparation are less tired, therefore they have less frequent high stress. Try to avoid fatigue - this is important for keeping your nerves.

To maintain your health, gain experience, knowledge, in general, constantly replenish all possible resources of the body.
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