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Affirmations for women: tune in to easy and successful births.

So what can be done to facilitate childbirth? How to provide control over emotions and feelings in this, perhaps, the most crucial moment of your life?

This can be done very simply: It suffices to use positive affirmations of affirmations. They are specifically designed to enable a woman to grow in her soul confidence in her own strength, and eradicate, whatever, the fear of the forthcoming birth.

Affirmations must be recorded on a specialThe notebook for this purpose and read aloud every day throughout the period of pregnancy. The earlier a woman begins to read them, the better result she will achieve in the future. You can even read affirmations several times a day, the main thing is that no one at this moment distracted the future mother.

If you plan to use affirmations,Try to provide yourself with comfortable and quiet conditions in which you can relax. Ask family members not to disturb you for a short time. Take a notepad with the recorded statements and read them aloud, trying to understand each spoken word.

Affirmations that promote successful and easy delivery:

  1. I am determined for easy, successful and timely delivery.
  2. The birth will come at the right time for them.
  3. I am absolutely confident in my body.
  4. I get rid of any doubts.
  5. I am overwhelmed with confidence in a happy and healthy future.
  6. The birth will be very easy, quick and easy.
  7. My body accumulates powerful healthy positive energy.
  8. Every cell of my body is happy to prepare for childbirth.
  9. My body is getting healthier and with every new day it becomes more and more sturdy and hardy.
  10. I breathe easily and freely. My breathing system is ready for childbirth.
  11. My heart works very well, rhythmically and clearly.
  12. My brain and the whole nervous system are preparing for the birth of a child.
  13. I believe in health, success, happiness and good.
  14. My body will adequately cope with the impending birth.
  15. The birth of a child is the happiest and most significant moment in my life.
  16. I am ready to become a mother and accept motherhood with conscious joy.
  17. I accept my belonging to the female sex and consider my pregnancy a true joy.
  18. Every new day brings me closer to the birth of a healthy, strong and strong child.
  19. The child inside of me is growing and growing stronger every day.
  20. My reproductive organs accumulate strength for successful and easy childbirth.
  21. I perceive fights as a great gift, thanks to which the birth of a new life is possible.
  22. I recognize my femininity and realize the joy of motherhood.
  23. I am confident in my own strength.
  24. I completely trust my body.
  25. All the negative statements of other people about childbirth I leave aside.
  26. Fear, pain, excitement and confusion bypass me.
  27. I will get from the birth process not only physical relief, but also psychological pleasure.
  28. I realize that the birth of a child is the greatest joy in my life.
  29. The birth of a child is an unforgettable holiday for me.
  30. Every new day brings me to an amazingly beautiful day in my life.

You can add any new statements. They can relate to both the process of birth, and your feelings, emotions and experiences. The main rule, which should always be remembered: the future mother must sincerely believe in the spoken words, however strange they may seem.

After all, an unshakable faith in one's own strengths and inSuccessful delivery, can do real miracles. It turns a complex physiological process into a pleasant, easy and absolutely easy action.

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