/ How to free the head from migraine in the temples?

How to free the head from migraine in the temples?

Attacks of migraine are preceded by the so-called"Aura period". A man begins to pursue a smell, glittering dots, lightning or spots flash before his eyes. There comes a weak motor paralysis or numbness of individual parts of the body. Own voice begins to sound like a tape recorder pulling a film. This state lasts from fifteen minutes to half an hour, then the "hammers" hitting the temples enter the battle.

Where does the migraine come from?

It is proved that the villagers suffer fromMigraine in dozens of times less often than the townspeople. A strong headache is largely provoked by internal conflicts of a psychological nature, and the metropolis is the most fertile soil for stress. Migraine risk factors consider emotional instability, a tendency to permanent depression, diabetes, smoking and the intake (even for the purpose of contraception) of significant doses of estrogens. Women, according to statistics, suffer from recurring migraines three times more often than men.

Also important is heredity along the lineMother. If the attacks of unbearable migraine occur in both parents, the child has only one chance out of ten to get around this problem. Lead to the attack can be a long stay in a smoke-filled and stuffy room, a sharp change of weather, the arrival of menstruation in women, severe dehydration, a disturbed diet. Migraine provokers - certain strong odors, some foods and drinks. Everyone has it all individually enough.

Treatment of migraine

It is best to extinguish an attack in the very bud,When there is still no strong headache, but her harbingers are visible. Usually it is irritability or tearfulness, unbearable thirst, the desire to urgently eat something unusual, general drowsiness. In such a period you can try to fall asleep immediately. During sleep, even a strong migraine passes, not having time to accelerate.

Many people are helped by general anestheticsDirections, if you have time to take them before the development of the pain syndrome. Combined drugs are recognized as the most effective in treating migraine, as an inexpensive caffeine. The components of this remedy (paracetamol, codeine, caffeine and propifenazone) perfectly complement and strengthen the analgesic effect of each other, quickly eliminating discomfort and relieving migraine in the temples.

Caffeine relaxes the walls of the vessels of the brain,Helping to relieve the attack. The dose of the components is low, which means that there are no side effects either. Caffeine is taken even at the wheel, as the drug does not cause drowsiness.

Special preparations were developed directlyAgainst migraine. They are in the form of pills and candles and are good for the already begun attack. If vomiting occurs, it is better to use special candles. But such potent medicines have their drawbacks: they are expensive, they only give effect when migraines of some species, they are contraindicated to hypertensive patients and people with ischemic disease.

Unfortunately, any treatment measures onlyRelieve pain or break off the development of an attack. To the same extent that migraine tormented as rarely as possible, experts advise to lead a correct lifestyle, whenever possible alternate loads with rest, more to walk in the fresh air.

Keep headaches under control will also helpAcupuncture, yoga classes or homeopathic preparations. To cure even a strong migraine, they are sometimes more effective than medicines. It is necessary to remember only that any treatment should be conducted in a complex and strictly individual manner.

Never neglect a campaign toA neurologist. He will help to appoint effective and competent treatment of migraine. After all, the causes of the disease can be a serious violation of the body, causing severe pain in the head. In this case, treatment must begin with the elimination of these diseases.

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