/ How to protect yourself from a magnetic storm?

How to protect yourself from a magnetic storm?

Let's deal with the physical nature of thisPhenomenon. The sun, in principle, is a giant gas sphere, and through the "holes" in the magnetic fields of the Sun, the streams of solar matter (plasma) of enormous temperature constantly flow into space. This phenomenon is called "solar wind". With an increasing velocity, the plasma flow is not only transmitted along the solar system, but also beyond its boundaries.

During periods of solar activity, emissions of solarSubstances multiply. After a couple of days, the shock wave from the solar flare reaches the Earth and completely envelops the planet. Under the influence of the solar wind, perturbations of the magnetic field occur. The compass needle is still looking north, but more sensitive instruments are marked by magnetic storms. When the solar activity decreases, the readings of the instruments are normalized, and our health with you comes to the usual condition.

In addition to age, the sensitivity of the organism toThe presence of various diseases affects the magnetic anomalies. During these periods, all the ailments are felt more sharply: they remind us of both ischemic illness and mental disorders, diabetes mellitus, and other diseases that we did not disturb before.

Particularly adverse effects of magnetic stormsHave on people who have experienced heart attacks or strokes - old diseases creep out, dramatically worsening well-being. So, in a sense, magnetic storms are an indicator of health.

Why is a person, being on a hugeDistance from the Sun, so sensitively perceives the change in the activity of our heavenly body? There are several hypotheses that explain the effect on the human body of magnetic storms. According to one of the assumptions, all living organisms possess magnetoreception, i.e., a direct connection with the earth's magnetic field. In particular, magnetoreception is very important in the life of birds: they accurately determine the direction of their flight with the help of the Earth's magnetic field. Likewise, a lost cat finds a way back home. Unfortunately, in humans such an "internal compass" is almost completely atrophied.

People are used to small changes in the magnetic fieldAnd do not react to them. But for large magnetic disturbances, "internal sensors" in man are triggered. As with any stress, there is a significant release of adrenaline. Accordingly, the blood pressure "jumps", which on the background of chronic diseases threatens with serious complications. There are sleep disorders and general malaise, illnesses worsen.

How to protect yourself from the effects of these naturalPerturbations of the magnetic field? Over such a difficult problem for a long time worked specialists of different directions. In laboratories, for example, a person was covered with a protective screen, and this allowed him to avoid the effects of magnetic storms. But this is just an experiment, not a solution to the problem.

And how to protect ordinary people? Do not close the screen! Doctors advise not to wait for the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, but to pass the examination in advance to identify chronic diseases. Thus, you will prepare for possible variants of deterioration of state of health. And when the magnetic storms worsen, in your arsenal will be medicine prescribed by a doctor.

Selection of medicines should be exclusivelyIndividual, depending on the age of a person, his diseases and the degree of sensitivity to magnetic disturbances. Watch your health, take care of it. Strong and healthy body better counteracts external influences, which means that he has nothing to fear from any magnetic storms.
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